Well hello there… I didn’t see you lurking in that dark shadowy area. Are you awaiting an update of all the wonderful things we have afoot? Well you are in luck! For I is here to tell you about all the excrement!

The Low Life ReDredged book AND the Boss Blocker have been sent to the printers! We are super happy and rather proud to announce that they will be printed right here in the USA! No pesky overseas shipping so we can guarantee every book will be sea sickness free! The Boss Blocker will contain a new character species for all to love and hold and toast over an open fire… the Marshfellow!

The miniatures are moving along… Jason has sent his final work (here and here) to the MOC labs and Cat Sanctuary so after they are inspected, smelled, licked, and digested, they will be off to the foundry! We welcome Chad the Sculptinator, who is overseeing the next batch of minis so that we can get them produced and out to all those super patient backers.

As always, we have Low Boxes and other goodies at patreon.com, plus Oddmall and Con on the Cob coming up this year! So much fun… and remember, we do it all for you!

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