A small Tuesday update…. on Tuesday!

Many fun and exciting things are coming along behind the scenes!

First, but not least, MOC is gearing up for our first convention of the year! This weekend is Cleveland ConCoction! If you are in the area, stop by and say a hardy, “Hi-De-Ho,” to Andy as he shows off his amazing work (both prints and originals) in the art room! Come admire the art and stay for the all night sodajerker’s semi-final soda off! (And if that was a real thing, I would def be there)!

Second, but not third, this month’s Low Boxes are getting ready to ship. We have lovingly packed them full of nifty items that would make a felon blush! I think you will be less than flustered when you open your very own box o’ plenty. If you, too, want to get in on this cornucopia of goodness (complete with skid-marked underwear fabled to have been worn by the elusive Andy (or maybe not)), just wander here!

Thirdly, but really secondly, G’Zoink is in its final stages of readiness and soon will be getting packaged so that everyone in the whole Oith who wants one will be able to throw clams, cash, and gold in our direction (currently northeast) to receive their very own, hand caressed set!

Lastly, and probably close to least or maybe even closer to most, Oddmall Ohio is just around the corner… so be prepared for shopping fun, geeky fun, and fun fun! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, and most of all tell your cat!

Be excited denizens of Oith… for soon even more will be revealed to your lustful peepers… but until then, take a nap.




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