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Re-Dredged Preview: The Werm

The Low Down Not unlike many of Oith’s creatures, werms rose from extremely humble beginnings to become vibrant and vital contributors to …

Re-Dredged Preview: Tzin’ts

  The Low Down If cremefillians take the weirdness cake, tizn’ts nab the whole buffet.  As convoluted amalgamations of extinct creatures, former …

Re-Dredged Preview: Smelf

  The Low Down Smelves, enormously beschnozzed little guys, came to Oith from the realm of Middle Oith during the Time of …

Re-Dredged Preview: The Pile

The Byproduct The Low Down Festering heaps of biological trash, piles are the result of contanimation gone awry (one of many possible …

From the Oithlings to Andy….

Fortuitous Spawning Day! Yes, way in the distant past, before time was even INVENTED, on this day Andy was unleashed upon this …

Re-Dredged Preview: Oofo

The Low Down Oofos are the descendants of ancient visitors who came to Oith gazillions of years ago from distant elsewheres beyond …

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