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Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly

New Low Life Character Species!

Here, as reported by Zlozz Kerpanski of the Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorers Societe, are some snazzy bits about a new playable character …

Re-Dredged Preview: Horcs

  The Low Down Horcs are vile, brutish louts. Consummate bullies, they flagrantly (and fragrantly) hulk their lumbering bods about, quick with …

Re-Dredged Preview: Croach

  The Low Down Resilient and gristly, croaches are among the most populous and gregarious of Oith’s peeps. They can be found …

Re-Dredged Preview: Cremefillian

  Cremefillian: The Tweenk The Low Down In any conversation regarding which of Oith’s denizens is the most bizarre, the strange and spongy …

Re-Dredged Preview: Boduls

  Bodul: Being of Dubious Lineage The Low Down Boduls are a people lost in parody and paradox. Of all of Mutha Oith’s …

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