Dementalism FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
(Also some infrequently asked questions)

Here are some of the questions peeps have asked about Dementalism, as well as the official answers to said questions. If you have a Dementalism related question you would like answered on this page, please email Andy.

Q: Am I allowed to look at the cards in my own Store?

A: Yes indeed, at any time. However, and here’s the rub, if you do you must flip them all the way over and Reveal them to all the other players. You don’t have to leave them Revealed, but you do have to turn them all the way face up and let go of them, however briefly.

If you want to ease up a bit and make the game a bit less challenging, by all means instate a house rule that says peeps can secretly peek at their own Stacks whenever they want. It’s all good, but through various playtesting iterations we’ve determined it’s more fun the official way (at least for us). By us I mean me.


Q: My table is small. Do I have to use an 8 card grid for the Spread?

A: Most assuredly not, good friend of mine. Your Spread can be whatever size you want, although anything smaller than a six card grid might make the game a bit frustrating as you wait for matching cards to appear. Technically, according to the scientific rules of mathematics, there should be more cards in the Spread than there are unique Denizens in your Heap. That way you won’t run into a situation where one of each Denizen is in the Spread and you can’t form any Stacks. That’s extremely unlikely to happen, however.

We’ve played with various sized Spreads and found that 8 cards x 8 cards works best for most situations. If you want a more challenging game make a 10 x 10 Spread, or even bigger. Heck, lay down all the cards at once and make a gigantic Spread on the floor if you want. I’ve done that too and it’s a lot of fun, although necessarily difficult to maneuver.


Q: What should I do if I run out of room on the table to house all my Stacks?

A: Buy a bigger table, you low-rent scum! I mean, here are a few suggestions to help with this increasingly frequent and embarrassing situation (it happens to every guy from time to time):

  1. Move your Safe Stacks elsewhere, but still in view. Since they can’t be Nabbed, Safe Stacks don’t need to stay in any particular order.
  2. Try making a double row of Stacks in your Store. Your oldest Stack should be at the top left and your newest at the bottom right.
  3. If there isn’t room for that, try overlapping your Stacks, with each newer Stack partially laid over the Stack to its left, kind of like they were a bunch of dominoes that fell down.

Q: When I use the Effigies of Angst Turmoil Card do I actually have to leave the table? If so, when I can I come back?

A: Yep, leave the table to go pout in a corner right after you Nab someone’s Stack. You have to go even if nobody has a Stack to Nab. Stay gone until your next turn would normally occur, but miss it. Then sit at the table until your next next turn, which you actually get to take.


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