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    While waiting for my peeps to arrive (they’re absolutely krunkworthy by the way), I’d noticed (and ordered: I have no self control) some miniatures from other manufacturers that I feel fit reasonably well in the Low Life universe.

    I’ll take (crappy) scale shots of some of these later.

    Ramshackle’s Incredible Mr. Mud strikes me as quite the dapper gentlething. I’m thinking of using him as either a Pile PC, or a mascot for a brand of Croach targeted snack foods (Mr. Poonut?).

    Thunderbolt Mountain’s Slug-Eat-Your-Face makes a great monster or NPC. Some of the other Savage and Sparkle figures could work as well.

    Months ago I had the bright idea to pick up some of Team Frog’s Sock Puppets so that my Sockstrocity wouldn’t be lonely; but they still haven’t shown up, and my emails are bouncing. 🙁

    That’s all I’ve got at the moment, if anyone has more ideas, feel free to post them.

    (I hope this topic is appropriate for this forum. These are meant to be additional options, not alternatives, and y’all should still buy the official Low Life miniatures, which are fricken’ lovely.)



    Great ideas, Gookyberry! Anybody else have any minis from other series that would work for Low Life?



    I have these guys from Zombiesmith. I always thought they wouldn’t look too out of place on Mutha Oith…

    also, a few more of their fantasy offerings from this page
    specifically the Arioni, Muccins, and Dikarya.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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