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    As you might have seen, I ran a game. I had a character creation session with 3 other folks to build pre-gens for the game (in addition to the 4 that are in the one-shot).

    I made a Cremefillian Prostitute, Ho Ho Ho. A black spongy fella with a white spiral of creamy goodness swirled in.

    I originally made it a him, planning to get him to be a Pimp eventually, but right now, just a ho. During the character creation it sort of worked out that he has a French accent. Roll the r in Cremefillian, and that’s krem-fillion, not cream. With the accent. Oh, and he’s a holy roller for Stanism, of the Avarice cult. Even tho healing may be a Sin, nothing is a Sin if you get paid for it. Ho Ho Ho is all about the dough, dough, dough.

    d4 Agility
    d6 Smarts
    d6 Strength
    d10 Spirit
    d6 Vigor

    d10 Holy Rolling
    d6 Notice
    d4 Shooting
    d8 Persuasion
    d6 Healing
    d6 Knowledge (Hooman a’facts)
    d4 Streetwise

    AB Holy Roller

    Phobia (Mi) – Hot Liquids (Hot fudge in particular)
    All Thumbs (Mi)
    Greeeeeeeedy (Ma)

    Spongey flesh of healing – eat of my body and you shall feel better. Clams or trade?
    Bolt of the Little Black Book – the sight of the book knocks the wind out of you, and makes you feel like you’re 1 yort tall.

    Barrel of Love torso protection
    Mega Sling Shot – range 12/24/48, 2d12 damage.
    Clam necklace of Stanism

    Short Story of Play
    A female gamer picked up this character and changed him to a her, and named her Captain Cupquake. She seduced 2 guards from the museum and got paid for the menage-a-trios, got museum security information pillow talk, set them up for a end-of-party beating, and convinced her companion Croaches destroy the evidence by hiding them in their gullets. And that Megaslingshot is a dandy weapon.. when it hits.



    Quality name, brah. Love the character!



    Very awesome! Incidentally, there’s a new Edge called Strumple that’ll be out in the new book and may be of interest.






    What does this edge do? You have my interest good sir.



    Requirements: Novice, Performing or Persuasion d6+
    You have a whole host of skills we aren’t going to discuss. You’re also really good at seducing and distracting peeps, so you get a +2 bonus to Persuasion and Performing rolls made while things are getting (or are about to get) freaky. Peeps of any gender can be strumples.



    Nice! Strumple would be good.. I may update.. I kickstarted the book, so that means I can use it. Dammm straight it does.

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