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    I think we need a transformers analog on Mutha Oith.

    I believe they should be called FormTransfers and basically they make your life absolutely miserable by requiring everything in quadruplicate (because triplicate is for sissies). And their special power is to turn the form you thought you had into some other, superfluous form that you actually didn’t need to complete at all and just wasted like 2 hours of your life trying to do properly.

    I’m pretty sure these things exist on current Earth and they all work in government offices. I don’t know if Mutha Oith has a DMV, but that would totally be their favorite place to hang out.



    Cult venerating Jimmy the Super Bad Lovin’ Brownie Machine. There was something about giving mothers popcorn from a new bag he’d found made him feel good, so their little group gets their kicks from feeding the hungry, lovin’ lonely widows, and spontaneous fits of glossolalia combined with little happy dances. Pretty fond of sparkly suits with plunging necklines and ridiculously huge sets of pearly white dentures.

    The preachers have a bad habit of becoming so overwhelmed they have to be led away from the pulpit under a cape mid-sermon. While entertaining, it also proves to be a convenient time for potty and smoke breaks.

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    Stain Gaggler, patron stain of fruit salad and justifiable messes.






    I have added Adventure Hooks tot eh MOUES data base and the appropriate forms are on the site. I Have begun adding these ideas here.



    Ok added Landmark support (businesses, buildings, statues, etc) which can be associated with Locations (Cities).

    I have added as much of the content as I can from this thread. Some of these entries will require additional fleshing out to be released (see below). If you want to finish your entries, ping me and I will send you links to edit them.

    Those of you not member of MOUES yet (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), I have place holders for you, but need YOUR CHARACTER SHEETS to give you proper credit!!!!

    Natch needs stats!

    Wails, Octav-pie, Sharps, Tacs, Formtransfers need stats
    Need additional info on your cult
    Need info on Marsh Mellows (weight / cost)

    Need a character sheet!
    Sebolas – need info on weight / cost
    Fools Crabs – Need stats
    Cult/ Stain Gaggler needs additional info!

    Need a character sheet

    Need character sheet
    Need stats for Great White Shart



    Natch? Did I come up with that? huh.

    I also need to write up my stats for Roddenberries they grow on shrubs in 3 colors, red gold and blue. Oddly enough, they are not tied to any one plant. You never know where roddenberries will appear.




    I will, I will, but I will have to do it tonight.



    Or @ some point today

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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