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    Kudos to Wapcaplets – great idea! I thought perhaps putting all the introductions in one thread instead of individual threads would keep the category from getting over loaded with intros though so I started this thread.

    Introduce yourselves below!



    I’m Thom
    I started playing PnP RPGs in ’74. First Edition, 5th printing of Dungeons & Dragons. A friend of mine who had moved away (Fromn Chicago to Maryland) came back to visit one summer with tales of this Dungeons & Dragons game he had heard of. He had no idea how to play but discribed it to the best of his abilities.

    Our family took him on a camping trip with us (Warren Dunes State Park – Michigan) and we spent the whole trip drawing dungeons on graph paper and running each other through them. We had a real simple system using D6 from Yatzee – basically everything was 124 = bad 345 = good.

    So after coming back from the trip and Peter returning home, I managed to find the game at a local hobby shop and saved up to purchase same ($10),

    So since then:
    After the Bomb
    Airship Pirates
    Aliens (Phoneix Command)
    All Flesh Must Be Eaten
    Apocalypse Prevention Inc
    Babylon 5
    Beyond the Supernatural
    Brave New World
    Bubblegum Crisis
    Call of Cthulhu
    Call of Cthulhu 2
    Call of Cthulhu 3
    Call of Cthulhu 4
    Call of Cthulhu 5
    Champions 3
    Champions 4
    Champions 5
    Cyberpunk 2020
    D&D 3.0
    D&D 3.5 (Forgotten realms, Eberron, Iron Kingdoms)
    D&D 4 (Bought havent played)
    Dark Heresey
    Doctor Who (GDW)
    Doctor Who (Cubicle 7)
    Dominion Tank Police
    Everquest RPG
    Hunter: The Reckoning
    In Nomine
    Jovian Chronicles
    Judge Dredd
    Legend of the Five Rings 3
    Legend of the Five Rings 4
    Living Steel (Phoenix Command)
    Mage: The Ascension
    Mechanoid Invasion
    Mutant Chronicles
    Outbreak: Undead
    Phoeinx Command
    Rogue Trader
    Shadowrun 2
    Shadowrun 3
    Skyrealms of Jorune
    Space: 1889
    Stargate SG-1
    Star Trek
    Star Wars *WEG)
    Star Wars Saga Edition
    Top Secret
    Mega Traveller
    Traveller 3
    Traveller 4
    Twilight: 2000
    Unhallowed Metropolis
    Vampire: The Masquerade
    Warhammer Fanatasy RPG
    Werewolf: The Apocalypse
    Wraith: The Oblivion
    Wu Xing
    Year of the Zombie

    You will notice conspiculously absent: Savage Wolrds – I have the following, but never have had the chance to run / play:
    Savage Worlds Deluxe
    50 Fathoms
    Solomon Kane
    Weird War II
    and Low Life…

    I am 50 years Old – Married, two kids in ASU (Will live in the Phoneix burbs). I am a Business Analyst currently, but have done stints as a Biology Teacher, Restaurant Manager, I was a Web Master for a Fortune 28 Company (ahh the 90’s!). For fun I read a lot of RPGs, and program in C#



    Great idea.

    Howdy! I’m quite terrible at introductions.

    I’m originally from Austin, Texas and currently dealing with Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m 32 going on 75, married to a non-gamer who is very accepting of my favorite nerdy hobbies and frequent grumpiness. We spawned a pretty awesome daughter about 18 months ago who shares her mother’s temper and is working on being a toddler as hard as she possibly can.

    I’m an IT rat turned chef at supposedly one of the country’s most exclusive country clubs (in Arkansas? Weird, huh). If anything it pays the bills, I’ve gotten to cook for the governor and celebrities on many occasions over the years, and can make a pretty mean omelet.

    Here’s how I got into this mess in general, and how I got into Low Life in specific:

    I had grown up listening to my dad’s stories about playing D&D with his Air Force buddies, and I remember being absolutely enraptured the first time I ever flipped through an issue of Dragon Magazine in a library in Dallas, so I’d had an interest since I could basically speak a coherent sentence. But it was somewhere around 1991 or so that I actually got to play any sort of roleplaying game.

    I’d just recently moved to a new neighborhood in Austin, TX. Somewhere along the way, some new friends and I started making our own little games that we’d play on the bus to and from middle school. One of said buddies had a stack of AD&D 2nd ed. books he’d received as a gift from his aunt that I was constantly flipping through whenever I was at his house. After expressing interest in playing, he got his aunt to run a game for all of us one night. Man, was I hooked from then on.

    I remember munching on roasted emu neck (said friend lived on a farm right outside of our suburb) and playing Silas, human thief and wild talent, who failed every single thieving ability roll possible. We all bumbled around without a clue as to what we were doing, but somehow we managed to save that dryad’s tree from becoming the mast of a goblin pirate ship.

    So it began.

    From there, gaming-wise, it veered off into Shadowrun 2e first, and then about ninety-percent of the same games Mr. Thom up there mentioned as well. Along with Low Life and Savage Worlds in general, my favorites are still Heavy Gear, Tribe 8, Unknown Armies, Eclipse Phase, and Call of Cthulhu/Trail of Cthulhu.

    I’m a bit of a wargaming nut as well, and have curbed myself by concentrating solely on Heavy Gear Blitz, All Things Zombie, .45 Adventure and Supersystem. I of course spend more time stockpiling a ridiculous mound of miniatures more than I paint or play. Naturally, I’m eager to see what things Andy throws in the new book for Showdown.

    I was introduced to Low Life by a buddy of mine who found the old website back around ’05 or so. He knew I was really into the old White Wolf game HoL and called it a spiritual successor of sorts. I ordered a copy of the book the next day. I’m currently running a game with said buddy, and am slated to get my third Low Life tattoo sometime soon (as wacky as some may find).

    I also enjoy beer, obnoxious music, movies (comedy, horror, sci-fi, straight-up bizarre), reading too much, and parenthetical statements.



    Awesome, guys. Pleasure to meet you. Incidentally, we’re going to be giving out Oithling points and badges to peeps with tattoos of my drawings, so you’ve got a leg up already. Soon there will be a place on this website to post pictures of said tattoos.



    Well it may be a little late for my introduction but here goes:

    I am 31, a father of 3 children and have been married to the same wonderful woman now for 12 years. I enjoy riding motorcycles, boardgames, playing Warhammer 40k. I used to write software for open source projects and still try to get as many people as i can to use open source software. I have also been a sucker for all things zombie related since I first saw the Savini’s remake on Night of the Living Dead.

    I played my first Rpg in ’97 ( It was Earthdawn and I was a Dwarven weapon smith). After that it was Paranoia, and then Vampire: the masquerade. I cut my gm teeth on All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Since then I have played/gm in no particular order:

    Argh! Thar Be Zombies!
    Paranoia XP
    Vampire: the requiem
    Sundered Skies
    Star Wars
    Deadlands: Reloaded
    Realms of Cthulhu
    D&D 3.5
    Scarred Lands
    Deadlands: Hell on Earth – reloaded
    Interface Zero
    Dark Heresy

    I tend to buy more rpg material than I will ever get around to, but I enjoy reading many of them
    My to gm list: tremulous, Low Life, Rippers, Necessary Evil
    My fav RPGs so far: Paranoia (any), All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Conspiracy-X, Interface Zero



    Hi, Guys and Guyettes.

    I’ve been playing various RPGs since middle school (so 25 years now), but until I ran across Low Life on Kickstarter I’d never heard of it or MOC. I was immediately hooked by the whimsy and the fantastic art, and can’t wait to get a copy.

    As for me, I’m an IT professional in the lovely (no, really I like it) state of Nebraska.

    Just thought I’d say “hi.”



    Greetings Mbuna, welcome to the forum.




    I am 34, no kids, living in Maryland. I have been a gamer for 21 years, started with AD&D and just kept going. I am married to my wife whom I love more than minis.

    I came across Low Life on April 19th of this year, looking around at a gaming store while checking out other Savage Worlds games. I spend my freetime now trying to convert 3.5 players to Savage Worlds in general and Low Life in particular. I think I have rustled up enough support to finally start being a boss.

    I work as an Environmental Specialist doing Wetland delineations and Forest stand delineations.

    If anyone knows of players in MD, or a game that is going on that is still looking for players, please drop me a line. Since leaving college much of my gaming group has dried up/ petrified.



    In what part of Maryland do you dwell, Ospprod? My sister and brother-in-law live over that way.



    I dwell in the Baltimore area. Where we are positioned, we are close to just about every corner of the state. I have folks in St. Mary’s and they are about 2 hours, and western MD (Frostburg State University) is about the same distance.


    Red Menace

    Hello Oithlings!

    I’m new to Low Life (haven’t played the RPG yet) but not new to gaming. I had heard of the setting a while back and thought it sounded interesting, but really got interested when I came across the miniatures kickstarter. Andy’s creativity and wacky characters are impressive and I just love seeing them in miniature form.

    I just sent in an artistic submission for the Low Brow High Adventure Contest, and now I’m about to start painting “The Guy with the Killin’ Stick” miniature. I will be sure to post a pic when he’s done. (If you want to see other minis I’ve painted check out my blog: http://menaceminis.blogspot.com/ ) Anyway just thought I would introduce myself. Peace.



    Very cool paintings, Red! I just gave your blog a “like” so my friends can see your jazz as well. I’m very eager to see what you do with the Low Life minis.



    Hey everyone, I’m Terra.

    I first got into “non-conventional” gaming in middle school when my friend Liana got me hooked on Magic: the Gathering. I stuck with that through high school, but when I went to college, a cousin and some friends introduced me to D&D. I played that for several years and recently (the past couple years) branched out to out systems including World of Darkness (our GM kind of ran werewolf, vampire, mage, changeling all together), Star Wars d20, MouseGuard (I GM’d that one), and Pathfinder.

    I met my hubby through our D&D group and on one of our MANY trips to a local gaming store, I came across the Low Life RPG book. I picked up a copy and devoured it (figuratively, it would get expensive actually eating books). I have since been attempting to convince my friends that we should give it a whirl…hopefully I can get enough people to say “yes” that I can GM some Low Life games pretty soon here. I have never played Savage Worlds before, so that will be new too.

    I am 29 and teach 8th grade science (physics / chemistry) in central Florida. I have no kids, but I do have three cats, a dog, a leopard gecko, and a fish. My friends and I also play dozens (hundreds maybe? I’ve lost count…) of non-traditional board games like Killer Bunnies, Munchkin, Ascension, Nightfall, Labyrinth, Myth Fortunes, Creationary, Twilight Imperium, Fluxx, etc, etc. just to name a handful. And on a somewhat unrelated topic, I also play paintball.



    Welcome, Terra! Sounds like you’ll fit right in with the other Oithlings (not that we’re exclusionary!). I dunno where in the world you’re at but if you can make it to Con on the Cob you really should.



    Too bad all us Oithlings are so far apart… It would be sweet to all get together and play. If only they had some sort of Con for meeting everyone face to face. Or a way that we could all play online…
    Oh well, I will have to think this one over. 🙂

    On a completely unrelated note, has anyone used rpg Maptools? Is it any good? I will have to start a new thread, leave answers there.

    Also, welcome Terra!



    Hello everyone,

    I’m more a miniatures painter / gamer then a rpg guy. Got attracted to the fun looking minis in the prev kickstarter. Really love the imagery of the world, lovely illustrations.

    Received my first pack of minis a few weeks ago. Bigger than I thought they would be. Looking forward to painting them



    Make sure to post pics of the minis when you do. Mine should be here any day now. Unfortunately for me, I have had to pack up all my paints as I’m moving in a few weeks but I’m looking forward to painting them up.



    I am bad at introductions too. I have been meaning to re make a list of all of the RPG books on my many bookshelves but I have not got around to it yet. I have played a lot of games but my go to games are usually World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, Risus, Dungeon World, etc.



    @shenron: May I offer a suggestion? You may want to tell us more about the games you play, how you got into them, and where you are located–this would help us other oithlings know what kind of gaming background you have and if we might be able to hook up to play some time. I’m not really sure that knowing you’re “an old-school romantic” helps us know what kind of gamer you are…


    Quote from patchouli18 on 07/02/2013 10:48 pm
    @shenron: May I offer a suggestion? You may want to tell us more about the games you play, how you got into them, and where you are located–this would help us other oithlings know what kind of gaming background you have and if we might be able to hook up to play some time. I’m not really sure that knowing you’re “an old-school romantic” helps us know what kind of gamer you are…

    Lol, you are right. I was tired and that little story is always my default introduction type of the thing. I think I have been using it for like the last four years or so? I don’t remember.

    Anyway, I dwell on the central coast in California. I am actually a new comer to the Low Life rpg and have the original and The Whole Hole on order. I started gaming back in the nineties where I cut my Teeth on Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition and AD&D Second Edition and the D6 system. Since then I have played many games and LARP’ed here and there as well. My heart is always with the World of Darkness, either version but I prefer the fluff in the oWOD but the nWOD mechanics are superior.

    My favorite RPGs would have to be;

    Savage Worlds (Deadlands, etc)
    Warhammer Fantasy RPG Second Edition
    Dungeon Slayers
    Apocalypse World
    Dungeon World

    I have played/own/read through or highly enjoy these RPG’s;

    AD&D Second Edition
    DnD First Edition
    DnD 3.X
    Warhammer 40k
    Sil Core System (Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles)
    Legend of the Five Rings
    BASH! Ultimate Edition
    Dogs in the Vineyard
    Star Wars D6
    Star Wars 3.5
    star Wars Saga Edition
    Edge of the Empire
    Iron Kingdoms
    Iron Claw
    In Nomine
    Everybody is John
    Various Home-Brews
    Marvel Universe RPG (The stone system one)
    …and I am sure there is more I can’t think of….

    I have LARP’ed;

    Minds Eye Theatre
    Various Home-Brews

    The Miniature War Games I play;

    Heavy Gear Blitz (IT IS AMAZING!)



    So, I am usually open minded when it comes to setting and genre. As far as systems go, I will play almost anything but there are games I would refuse to run because it is just to much work, set up, math keeping, etc. I would have to say that my favorite type of systems are the more “DM may I” type of style. Something that is lighter on the rules and more up to the DM and the player to decide what can and can’t happen and what needs a roll and what doesn’t and all of that jazz.

    On a side note I married my basically high school sweet heart and we have been together for eight years and married for two. All of my attempts to turn her into a PNP gamer has failed but I keep trying, lol! No kids as of yet but that could could change at any time. Though I do have a cat and I work in the security field.

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