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    Hello, Oddmall friends and supporters!

    We have received another big batch of our two-sided Oddmall bookmark-style flyers! (We’ve been doing a lot of sharing!) If anyone is interested in distributing them around town, in a shop, at an event, on their table or booth at an upcoming show, or anywhere else – please let us know! Just email Andy at andy@andyhopp.com with your name, address, and how many you would like.

    If you prefer to print flyers at home, we also have downloadable flyers available! oddmall.info/ohio/how/ Just click on the image you would like to use, right-click and save the file to your computer. Open, print, and then share with everyone you know! (There are large whole-page flyers and smaller flyers that are 4 to a page to choose from.)

    Other ways to spread the Odd:

    Like and share the Oddmall Facebook Page.

    Invite your Facebook friends to the Oddmall Event. http://www.facebook.com/events/206583372832946/

    Follow the Oddmall Pinterest Board that features items from all of our Oddmall vendors. pinterest.com/andyhopp/oddmall-goodies/

    If you have a website or a blog, we have downloadable banners! There are many styles and sizes to choose from. (We like options!) oddmall.info/ohio/how/

    If you are a vendor and have an Etsy shop, don’t forget to join the Etsy Oddmall Team! https://www.etsy.com/teams/15664/oddmall

    And finally, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or other ways of spreading the Odd, feel free to email us! andy@andyhopp.com



    Very cool ideas. I like the help and materials for promotion.



    Oddmall Nov 2014 is Nigh! So Nigh! It couldn’t get more Nigh! Well, I guess it could in a few days!



    Good luck with Oddmall 2014, I wish I could go.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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