The Bunn Skrak

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    So, scientists apparently just discovered a huge canyon under the Greenland ice sheet. Very interesting, but I have to point out I called that years ago. Witness my mighty precognitive powers and check out the location of the Bunn Skrak on your map of Keister Island (which is the former Greenland, in case you were unaware). Yay, I have zazz.



    That’s Brilliant



    I guess we should be looking for the temple of smellemental evil under the ice next.



    True. I think the temple would be found under the ice in Canada.

    Just my theory…



    What do you mean Canada, we know right where it is! All we have to do is match up locations on the Whole Hole Volume 1 with a map of Greenland. With Andy’s geographic prophesy, we should be seeing if he can find the Atlantis, or the lost city of gold. Now we NEED the better maps Mutha Oith.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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