Happy Something from Mutha Oith Creations!

Good day to you, friends! I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season (and also a happy every other time) and also to update you on the status of several projects and the goings on around here.

Santanist and Fungish


Good news, everyone. All of the Dementalism expansion decks have been printed and boxed up. Krystal and I are preparing them for shipping this morning and they will be mailed out tomorrow. There are two exceptions to this: Anyone who ordered a Trozzgoxx plushie may have to wait a bit longer for that. Krystal has been working very hard, but she hasn’t had a chance to get them all finished yet. Since they are all handmade with love and other natural ingredients they take a bit of time and her efforts have been focused elsewhere of late. We’ll still send you the rest of your order tomorrow and then send the plushie as soon as it is ready. Second, the supplier who I am getting the custom boxes from ran out of their supply after I purchased and customized the first 20. The next nine will be ready in January.

To that end, I am asking for nine or ten volunteers to agree to wait another month to receive their custom box. I’ll include something extra for these people, along with my gratitude and the assumed gratitude of those who won’t have to wait because you selflessly agreed to do so instead. If you don’t mind waiting another month, and would like to receive a special gift for your patience, please message me as soon as possible. Gracias.

Also, if you ordered a Lumbering Shlump miniature (macroature) it may be shipped separately from the rest of your order, but it will still be mailed this week.



The second batch of miniatures is in the house! Anyone who’s order will be completed by this batch should have them in hand by now, along with those people who chose to pay the extra shipping to have them sent. If this should apply to you but doesn’t, please let me know and we’ll rectify the situation. Shipping, should anyone choose to take advantage of this option, is $5 for domestic (US) and $20 for international. Please send payment by PayPal to andy@andyhopp.com and send me a message in Kickstarter to let me know you did so. Alternately, if you backed the Dementalism Expansions kickstarter, your minis will be sent this week with your Dementalism jazz.

I posted painted images of the first eleven minis at the new MOC store, www.lowtique.com.

I spoke with Sandra Garrity last week and she has the Plorp Balloon and the Cute Little Ducky finished. She is waiting for her camera to be repaired so she can take pictures of them. That should happen this week.

According to Jason he is working diligently on the next batch of minis. I’ll get an update from him as soon as possible and relay it back to you.

I also have a special surprise that will be included with the final orders of all the croaches with the moach who are waiting so patiently for this project to come to completion.



I have been focusing most of my attention lately on the new Low Life core rulebook. The book is working out be considerably larger than I originally anticipated, which is good in that you are getting more content for your clams, but bad in that it’s putting me a little bit behind schedule. I’m still anticipating a Spring release, but it may be April or May rather than March. I’m working hard to get the final adventures done, then I have to finish compiling everything and do a lot of editing. March isn’t impossible, but I don’t want to rush it and put out anything less than you deserve.

We’re looking at around 300 pages and over 200 illustrations. My thinking brain is sore and my drawing hand is worn, but it’s happening. Then, Holy Crap!



As I mentioned a bit earlier, we just opened a new online store! The old one was tying up too many resources on the website and it was wonky and buggy. The new one should be much more streamlined and professional, since it’s on its own site and we’ve addressed many of the issues that plagued us previously. Please check out www.lowtique.com to see what’s happening there. Use the coupon code “happy something” to get 10% off any purchase before January 1. There’s some original art on there, including the iconic Crying Oith Low Life logo image, that’s half price in December.



Oddmall is doing awesome things. The show in Seattle last September was so successful that two more Seattle shows are happening next year, along with something called Nerdfest. The Ohio Oddmalls have outgrown their previous location and are now moving to the John S. Knight Convention Center in downtown Akron. This is a HUGE move for us and will allow us to finally have the kind of show we’ve always wanted Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird to be. We’ll have space for over 200 vendors, including a new Oddmall Comic and Toy Expo section, featuring all sorts of toys, games, comics, collectibles, and other snazzy jazz. Not only that, we have TWO stages for entertainment and all sorts of other awesome crap. Check out www.oddmall.info for more.



Awesome things as well are happening at Con on the Cob next year (www.cononthecob.com). Our special guest include Eloy Lasanta, Larry Elmore, and Jolly Blackburn, among many others. The theme next year will be “Cosmic Circus” and it’s going to be swell. If you have the means, I highly recommend you attend.



That’s a good question. I’m working very hard on the Low Life RPG and considering which project to focus on next. Obviously Holy Crap is coming up. That’s the next big book, but I like to have a couple of smaller and less time consuming projects running concurrently. The next two of those are Giggity Gigging and Slogpile, or possibly Reek.

Giggity Gigging is a card game based on the zazz waggular art of giggity gigging. It’s an easy to play and very fast-paced game

Slogpile is a Jenga-style game that uses plastic slogs (twinkie slug things), which are drawn blindly from a bag and stacked in different ways according to their color. The slogs can also double as giant slog miniatures in your Low Life or minis game.

Reek is a card game based on smellcasting. Rival smellcasters attempt to assemble smellements into smellemedleys, thereby creating reeks, whiffs, and other crazy stuff.

Which of those would you like to see next?



What he said. Thanks again for all your support, understanding, and friendship. My company could not exist without those three things and I wish you all the happiest of Chrishanukwanzmadans!


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