Happy Something

Greetings Fellow Oithlings,

Andy here with the following public service announcement (PSA):

Don’t be mean to people. People with noses are cool, too. They’re no different from any of the rest of us (except they have noses and we, apparently, do not).

That is all.

Actually, no, it’s not. Hi. Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot on this page recently. I’ve been really busy trying to get the Dementalism Expansions (AT THE PRINTER NOW!!!) and the new Low Life book ready for your consumption that I haven’t had a lot of spare time to focus on the site. Please be assured that I love you all and I have some really cool things in store for you over the coming months. Also, the Oddmall and Con on the Cob sites have recently been updated to reflect some snazzy jazz that’s happening themward. A peep could do worse than to check them out.


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