Introducing the Newest Lowly – Also Miniatures…

Ladies and/or germs, please but your appendages together for your friend and mine


a goosin’ GIGGITY! For a long time giggities have ranked among the most popular of Low Life beasties. They wander around touching things and copying traits from the organism they touch. For example, if one touched you it might acquire your love of tacos, your ability to shoot fireballs out of your belly button, or your famous cookie recipe.

For the first time ever, this limited edition handmade felt plushie will be joining the ranks of The Lowlies. He, or someone similar, can be yours as a backer of the G’Zoink kickstarter. Since giggities, and the gigging thereof, fit strongly into the theme of the newest Low Life themed card game it seems a natural fit.

Another thing being offered through the G’Zoink kickstarter is an exclusive, limited edition giant giggity miniature. I haven’t sculpted it yet, so I don’t have any pictures, but these contanimants I sculpted recently will give you an idea what to expect. I hope you dig them.


As of this posting there are a mere eight days remaining on the G’Zoink kickstarter. After that time it will be extremely difficult to nab either the giggity Lowly or the giggity miniature. As your attorney, I advise you to check it out as soon as possible. Also, tell your friends and enemies.


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