IT’S ALIVE! …errr LIVE!!!


Living Low Living Campaign is now Live!  We are pleased to announce the formal launching of the Living Low, Living Campaign for the Low Life: Re-Dredged Role Playing Setting! Living Low is the Low Life living campaign. Of course, if you don’t know what a living campaign is that information may be of limited value. Allow me to explain:

A tabletop RPG living campaign allows participants to create a character (using a preordained and uniform set of rules) and play that character in multiple adventures at various conventions, game days, and private gaming sessions. The character gains experience and equipment along the way and maybe, just maybe, learns a little bit more about himself (or herself) in the process. After each session a player’s character information is entered into a database and his or her (or its) progress is recorded.

For more information on the Living Low Living Campaign visit the (current – subject to change) web site at!

In honor of the Living Low Launch, Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorer’s Societe’ has been revamped, expanded (to “The Whole Hole Explorer’s Societe'”) and the web site has been re-launched! Please come visit us at!

Both Living Low and The Whole Hole Explorer’s Societe’ are free and easy to join. Go to and click the “Click HERE to Join the Whole Hole Explorer’s Societe’” link. Fill in your Name, your character’s name (which will be your persona in WHES) and your eMail address (used to send you information about your account – we promise to never, ever, ever give it out to anyone!)

After signing up in WHES, you can activate your Living Low character by simply eMailing a filled in character sheet pdf to You don’t have to participate in WHES to participate in Living Low (but you do have to set up your account – it’s how we track everything!), nor do you have to participate in Living Low to participate in WHES.

The Whole Hole Explorer’s Societe’s purpose is to provide a medium for fans (You guys) to contribute material in the form of NPC’s, adventures. adventure seeds, art, critters, locations, religions, home rules, edges, hindrances, etc. These will be available (to everyone) as unofficial “house rules” entities – use um in your game if you want. Now here’s the FUN part! When you contribute material, you can qualify to receive IN CAMPAIGN benefits! Like edges or lewts!

If you have any questions regarding either the Living Low Living Campaign OR The Whole Hole Explorer’s Societe’ dont hesitate to drop me a line at

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