Lashmaster Peep Core Pod

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Slavery, whether legal or not, is a widespread phenomenon across much of Oith. Those palaces and monuments aren’t going to build themselves, and peed-ons can get clammy in bulk. A lashmaster, equal parts brutal thug and motivational speaker, is a skilled handler, purveyor, purloiner, and overseer of slaves and other unfortunate peeps. It should be noted, among the more populous realms, only Aggogg, the Pox Aroma, That One Place with All the Sand, and Glowhio officially allow such enforced drudgery, but there’s still enough indentured servitude, military conscription, jailhouse labor, and poor decision making skills to keep lashmasters employed elsewhere as well. It’s difficult to name any famous lashmasters, since doing so brings a hint of legitimacy to their ruthless art, but an odre known as Luminous Burl, working a particular pit in Glowhio, has a song written about him, so there’s that. Peeps in their suds, from Doop to Pooom, croon The Ballad of Burl Bonebasher when they’re feeling particularly offensive.  Among the horcs of Aggogg lashmasters are particular renowned, with such whip wielders as Smelfslurper Crackback, Goad Smelfscourge, and Wallop Smelf-in-her-teeth coming instantly to mind.

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