Low Life AUDIO EDITION? Read by the author? Yes indeed…


Seriously? Low Life AUDIO BOOKS? Are you insane?

Yes. I am indeed insane. However, that’s not why I’m providing Low Life Audio Books. See, I’m just so goosin’ tired of you guys incorrectly pronouncing all the nonsense words and ridiculous names I’ve spent the last several years pulling out of my belly button. Also, since Low Life books are written like stories and guidebooks instead of rulebooks it just makes sense.

That’s just about the best idea I’ve ever read. How can I nab such a thing?

It’s remarkably easy. Much like chili at Floom’s Chopping Block, the first taste is absolutely FREE. Just follow this link and you can listen to the first 17 minutes or so. If you want more after that the site will tell you what to do.

Will you also be producing audio versions of The Whole Hole and other snazzy jazz?


What else can you throw in to sweeten the pot?

Subscribers can also nab themselves limited edition art prints, collectible buttons, original art, and something called a LOW BOX. Quit asking questions an

check it out.



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