Low Life Miniatures Added to Kickstarter!

Crying OithTop of the morning, fellow Oithlings,

Some of you may have already noticed that we attained our Custom Low Life Dice Stretch Goal yesterday, thanks to the generosity of some amazing peeps. That is indeed fantastic news, especially when one considers that custom dice are something Low Life fans have been requesting for years. Now they’re going to be a thing. Very cool.

Here’s the next big step in the kickstarter: Low Life Miniatures. Many of you backed the kickstarter we did last year and Low Life Miniatures are actually even more of a thing than Low Life dice, because some of them already exist and a buttload more are on the way.

You’ve been asking when I’m going to be adding the miniatures to the current Low Life core rulebook kickstarter and the answer is “Right goosin’ now!”. The next Stretch Goal, at $16,000 sees the inclusion of Low Life miniatures rules, both for integration into the RPG and for small and large scale battles, as a chapter in the core rulebook (instead of as a separate product to buy). At $18,000 the limited edition Remnant of Hoomanity miniature will be unlocked as part of Heap #2. Everyone who backs at that level will get it for FREE and everyone else can nab it for an extra $30. Why $30? That seems a bit high for a 45mm miniature, doesn’t it? Yes, I agree it’s a bit high, but it’s a limited edition collector’s item that can only be nabbed through this kickstarter (a very limited number will be made available for sale at cons, but none of them will be sold in stores or normal chains of distribution), so it’s kind of special. Also, if you nab it as part of the Heap it’s a lot less than that (Heaps save you a buttload of clams).GPK

To alleviate that expense and offer the peeps a better bargain (an EVEN BETTER BARGAIN!!?? You must be MAD! Yes, yes I am mad. Not angry, just insane, like one of those used car salesmen who is so crazy he’s going to throw in a trip to Disney World if you buy this Camaro or else he’s going to strangle a kitten if you don’t. I’m not going to strangle a kitten, but I am going to throw in something else to the mix), I invite you to savor the following snazz:

Low Life Miniatures


That is correct. You can now add miniatures (30mm scale, high quality pewter or resin) to any pledge. You can nab them individually for the listed price or save a whole bunch of clams and plop the whole lot for a measly 250 clams; simply add the amount to your pledge and then send me a message in Kickstarter letting me know what minis you want. You can save even more by checking out the newly restructured Pledge Levels, some of which now include minis.

There are other Low Life minis in the line, but these are the ones being offered through the kickstarter. Please understand many of the miniatures are still being sculpted by our team of incredibly talented sculptors and are not yet available. So far, the first ten are finished and ready to go. I’m not going to issue a promise, or even a guess, as to when the rest will be ready because I don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of expediency, but I do promise to keep you periodically apprised of their progress.

Also, here are some actual photos of some of the minis. Check out the forums for some that have been painted by your fellow Oithlings.



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