Low Life Sneak Peek: Werms

The Squiggly-Wigglyblackline

Two werms sipping suds from a mug
Proposed toasts to each bodul and bug
“We’re lowly, it’s true
But at least we’re not you.”
Then went back to their mugs with a shrug.

 werm01The Low Down

Not unlike many of Oith’s creatures, werms rose from extremely humble beginnings to become vibrant and vital contributors to the world’s various cultures and societies. Derived from simple ancestors (soil tillers, parasites, and pathogens, for the most part), the werms of today have risen from the primeval mud to become mighty warriors, brilliant hocus pokers, crafty waremongers, and masterful weavers of art and artifice. Diverse in form and strong in spirit, werms are very proud of their species’ history and accomplishments.

Although not nearly as anatomically various as boduls and tizn’ts, werms constitute a bulging clam sack of interesting forms. Some are long and slender with smooth, segmented skin. Others are flat and broad, relatives of the dreaded cheese leeches of the Moonular Cheese Fields or Glowhio’s luminous glowwerms. Although most werms come fully stocked with a number of arms and legs (usually two of each), some peeps lack one or both such extremities. No worries, though. A lack of limbs is less of a detriment than one might think, considering the prehensile bodies most of these peeps flaunt. Their squirming coils do the job, allowing them to lift and manipulate tools and weapons with alacrity.


Werms have a number of natural adaptations that make them pretty decent fighters, or at least pretty decent at getting fought at. Their dense, rubbery flesh and supple coils resist pointy things with surprising efficiency. Even if a werm manages to get hurt, his body will slowly regenerate itself, provided he isn’t devoured or mashed up beyond hope. It’s a long process, and it doesn’t work if the werm actually croaks, but werms regularly recover from injuries that would grievously slay most peeps. They don’t particularly enjoy fighting, at least not as a classifiable trait of the species, but they’re good at surviving if they do.

 Getting Along With Others

Werms, like croaches, are one of the most prolific intelligent species on Oith. They can be found just about anywhere and there’s nothing in their nature that makes them indisposed toward other peeps. Nor are they particularly reviled by the usual haters. Werms crawled up from the muck to claim their rightful place in society and nobody seems generally disposed to deny them their nook. Of course there are plenty of individual peeps who aren’t particularly fond of the squiggly-wigglies, just as there are plenty of werms with prejudices and rancors of their own, but there’s usually a more detested victim with a more slappable face somewhere nearby.

 werm02Werm Names

Werms tend to adopt the naming conventions of whatever culture or religion they were born into. There’s really no such thing as a standard werm name. It could be anything. To complicate the issue, it’s not unusual for a werm to change his name on a daily basis to suit his current mood or to glorify a recent deed or achievement. A werm known today as Mullig the Meek might call himself Trullig the Terrible tomorrow and Gupnuppler the Undecided a week from Splatterday. Gorsho Loxodentist, Hugormo XIII (Keistermeister of Floom), Shnaggledorf, Cerumen Thricewipe, and Trozz Flomp, are werms you might know.



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