Lumbering Shlump

Check out this snazzy jazz I just added to the Dementalism Kickstarter campaign!

Limited Edition Lumbering Shlump Miniature

An extremely limited number (30) of these immense resin Low Life miniatures will be offered here. These guys are really big (over 8″ high) and no more than 50 will ever be made available for purchase. It also includes a Lumbering Shlump Dementalism card.

Bonus: He's already done so you won't have to wait for him to be sculpted!
Bonus: He’s already done so you won’t have to wait for him to be sculpted!

Price: $100 (UNLOCKED!)

Lumbering Shlump Dementalism Card

This limited edition Dementalism Beast card, available only through this Kickstarter, can be nabbed for an extra five clams. It’s included free with the Lumbering Shlump miniature.

Price: $5 (UNLOCKED!)


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