Man, things sure are busy around here.

I have finally managed to nab myself three minutes of time during which I plan to update you guys on various goings on around here.

First, Low Life Miniatures. Here, look at these.

11998021_1204580609559033_149262292_n 12032542_1210581755625585_334681388_n 12047701_1210581725625588_1248034045_n 12029132_1212001595483601_1463906241_n 12033518_1213741578642936_809114257_n 12047399_1213741465309614_719590521_n

Second, Heap of Creeps! If you haven’t checked out the Heap of Creeps and Heap of Peeps kickstarter you’d be doing me a solid if you’d do so now. I think you’ll really dig it.


Third, Con on the Cob! It’s coming up in two weeks and it’s the most fun thing since the invention of fun. If you aren’t coming rearrange things to change that. If you are coming and you haven’t made your hotel reservation yet DO SO NOW BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!!!!!


Fourth, I promise BIG update next week. Lots of news and lots of new art and stuff to show you. I’m sorry I’ve been negligent lately. I love you all.

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