• Here’s a few more. My LL campaign starts next week, so I’ll be learning the hard way how unbalancing/plot-destructive/Boss-maddening they are!

    Badly Animated: For the duration of this encounter, your character’s animation is terrible. Its timing is off, the movement is all stuttery and unrealistic, and it doesn’t match the background at all. You…[Read more]

  • A few more:

    Luck of the Smelvish: can be used as a normal benny during play.
    It’s the Hoinks!: The authorities (or some power that can force compliance with certain traditions or social mores) show up as a raid. They will try and arrest (or kill) everyone at this location.
    I Thought You Packed The Arrows: For the duration of this encounter, any t…[Read more]

  • You’re welcome to use my ideas, Andy. Not all of them are mine, though – I’ve gone around the internets collecting other peoples’ ideas, and some of them are in the list also! Contact me personally if you want me to put together a list of just the ones I came up with.

  • More:

    Twice As Less: The target number for the current test is twice as less as it used to could be.
    Atoadaso: If you warn one of your heap-mates against doing something stupid, and it does it anyway, and it turns out badly, you may shout “Atoadaso!”. Your heap-mate loses one benny and you gain two.
    I came here to kick ass and make clams, and…[Read more]

  • My group have a lot of fun using the Adventure Deck when we play Savage Worlds (we just finished a 2-year Space 1889 campaign), so I’m working on some ideas for a custom deck for when we start our Low Life campaign in a few weeks. I’ll share my ideas in the hopes that other people have good ideas to contribute too!

    What I have so far:

    Don’t H…[Read more]

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