Mutha Oith Creations Post Origins Report

Good day, friends and fellow Oithlings!

I just returned from Origins and BOY ARE MY TENTACLES TIRED! Hah! Please take a moment to recover from that hilarious jest before continuing to read this very important post.


So, Origins was very good to us this year. We almost sold out of Dementalism, which is awesome and means a new printing will have to be a thing soon. Low Life Miniatures got all kinds of love in their first major introduction to the general populace. In fact, if I may offer a digressional boast, I managed to win FOUR miniature painting awards thanks to the aforementioned Low Life Miniatures. I won two first place accolades in the Origins Miniatures Painting Contest and a first and second place in the Crystal Brush contest by Cool Mini or Not. Um, yay me or whatever.


The peeps from Alliance (major game distributor) were so enthusiastically impressed by all of the MOC jazz in attendance that they offered me a booth at the Alliance Open House in September. That’s pretty huge. Big things are on the horizon…

The G’Zoink kickstarter is proceeding apace. It’s not performing quite as well as I’d hoped or anticipated, but it is definitely on track to reach its initial goal soon. If it does so today EVERY backer will get the G’Zoink Drinking Game Expansion FOR FREE! Any love anybody feels like giving it is greatly appreciated. Please give it a gander if you haven’t already ( and like, share, tweet, google+, reddit, blog, and social media-inate the Boorglezar out of it.


If any of you Oithlings are going to be at GenCon perhaps you’d like to get together for an impromptu game of Low Life? I’d be all about running one for you. Leave a comment here if such a thing is of interest…

Con on the Cob! Get your shiny wazoo there. I’ll be running Dementalism, G’Zoink, and Low Life. Find out more and preregister discountedly at


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