Mutha Oith Creations – The State of the Onion’s A Dress

That’s a lie, the onion is not a dress. But here’s some stuff that isn’t a lie:

Low Life ReDredged

Things are finally proceeding as I’d hoped for this project. We had a few delays due to a few reasons, which I’ll list here for the edification of the inquisitive:

1. Sculpting (see below): Because the Low Life Miniature sculpts are taking an absurdly long time to complete I decided it might be a good idea to just learn how to sculpt on my own and perhaps take over some of the simpler designs. Because this miniatures situation was eating at my mind and making it difficult to concentrate on writing until I at least tried to take it by the chicken nuggets, inevitable delays ensued. I am, however, back in the proverbial saddle.

2. Creative Differences: Part of my brain was all like “Hey, you should make these adventures super detailed and complex” and another part of my brain was like “yeah, I would love to, but then the book will be like 400 pages and take me another six months to finish.” Another lobe kind of muttered something about just cramming in 15 adventure hooks and getting it over with. I killed that guy with bug spray. Anyway, I’ve been struggling with the decision of how to present the adventures for a long time now. I’ve finally decided to include one adventure that is several pages long and includes more details and flavor text to kind of set the bar and get things rolling, then restrict myself to 2-4 pages for the other 14. I wish I could say I was cool enough to have made that decision months ago, but various parts of my brain went to war over it and a mushy mix of pragmatism and exuberance won out. I think it’s for the best.

3. Art: One side affect of these delays is that I’ve been able to complete far more art for this book than I originally anticipated. As a rule, not a mere guideline, but an ACTUAL UNIVERSAL AXIOM of my business plan and my promise to my loyal friends is that EVERY two spread page in every book must include at least one piece of artwork. Because of the work schedule I have in place for myself (writing during the day, arting mostly at night with my family), and also because I tend to draw when I’m having writer’s block, I’ve been able to get more art done than writing these past few months. That’s good news for everyone who digs my groove, because it means the book will have more art in it.

4. G’Zoink (also see below): Yes, it’s true I have started a new project before finishing the old one. There are a few reasons for this, which I will detail in this non-list paragraph (lists within lists are confusing). First: In order to continue producing the jazz I’m producing I need some form of income to keep my family fed and my bills paid. That’s why kickstarter is so important right now. We’ve made a pretty good amount of money from past kickstarters, but most of that has to go toward actually producing those products. G’Zoink is a really fun, but not overly complicated project. The only time consuming part of it is the drawing of the giggities, and since I’m writing during the day and drawing at night it’s not causing any delays in the Low Life RPG project. Second: As you’ll see in a moment, G’Zoink ties in very well with the Low Life RPG…

So, I thank you once again for your continued patience. I assure you things are moving along at a brisk pace. The only thing that’s slowing me down at this point is the fact that my kids are out of school for the summer. They’re letting me work Monday through Thursday and, in exchange I have promised to do something fun with them every Friday. So, if you see me post something on facebook about going to the zoo or something, please don’t be all “What’s he doing at the zoo? He should be home Low Life-ing, dammit!”.

Low Life Miniatures

The first three Low Life Miniatures hit store shelves this month. They debuted at Origins last week or so ago and the response was REALLY GREAT! In fact, I won FOUR miniatures painting awards with them, which is horn-tootable, if I do say so myself. Peeps were really digging them and also the package design.

“But Andy.” I imagine you saying, “What’s up with the rest of them?” Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it. At this point in the process I have no qualms about putting blame where it’s due. As I’ve said many times in the past, and Jason himself has also hipped you to the gist, the ONLY reason the rest of the miniatures are taking so long is that Jason is taking a really long time to get them done. I’m sure you are as tired of excuses and delays as I am, but the fact remains, the quality is awesome and if we want Jason Wiebe quality we have to wait for it. “Fire him and hire someone else!” I also imagine you demanding (and have read you demanding on more than one occasion). “No, I can’t do that,” I reply. See, because of the incredible number of miniatures we are offering for the extremely low prices at which we offered them, I was able to negotiate a good fee with Jason. If I hired another sculptor I would never be able to match the price and we wouldn’t have enough clams in the clamsack to pay for them all. The only thing I can do is ask you to trust me and maintain your patient vigil. Jason has promised me pictures of the ones in progress for months now, but I am confident he will eventually deliver. We WILL have the miniatures and they WILL be AWESOME. They’ll just be late.

As a special reward to those of you who are waiting so patiently, please allow me to offer the following: everyone who backed the Miniatures Kickstarter will get a free miniatures-related gift that wasn’t included in the original deal. I can’t divulge any details right now, but I am sure it will make your face all smiley.

There is also a limited edition, exclusive giant giggity miniature being offered as a reward on the G’Zoink kickstarter that’s happening right now.

G’Zoink – The Great Giggity Gigging Gallivant

The kickstarter for G’Zoink is currently happening. It’s the really fun and easy to play card game based on the giggities and giggity giggers from Low Life.GzoinkGiggities03

As my man Osprodd pointed out, the giggity cards can be used by giggity giggers in the Low Life RPG to select random traits as an alternative to the pages of charts included in the RPG. How cool is that? Very cool…

Another awesome development is this: CHUNDERSTORM, the G’Zoink drinking game expansion turns G’Zoink into a drinking game (if you’re into that sort of thing). It’s already been unlocked and is included FOR FREE (along with two other expansions) to everyone who pledges at least $55. Everyone else can nab it for a mere $10.

I implore you to check it out at

Holy Crap

Holy Crap is coming up soon. I’ve been working on ideas for it, and it’s about 1/4 of the way written. I have, however, been focusing on Low Life Redredged so Holy Crap will have to wait its turn. It will be the next big project after G’Zoink and I’m hoping to start a kickstarter for it once everyone has their Low Life RPGs.


All of the Dementalism games and expansion have been shipped. If you were a kickstarter backer and haven’t received your jazz please let me know.

There is a special, exclusive Dementalism promo card that will be given to the backers of the G’Zoink kickstarter. Backing G’Zoink is the only way to get the Dementalism card, so there’s that to consider.


In related news, the first Dementalism Expansion hits stores this month, so be on the lookout.

Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird

If you’re not familiar with Oddmall, try to imagine the bastard offspring of a really great comic con exhibit hall and a HUGE art and craft show focusing on strange and unusual creations. Throw in a bunch of live entertainment, a ton of awesome cosplayers, and assorted bits of creative whatnot and when the dust settles ODDMALL rises from the ashes. Or something like that. And it’s TOTALLY FREE TO THE PUBLIC!!!

Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird (ohio edition) is coming up again November 1-2 in Akron, Ohio. Vendor booths are still available and they are currently marked down to about 60% off the regular price! That discount will continue until July 1, just to clue you in. All sorts of artists, crafters, comic vendors, game designers, authors, toy collectors, toy stores, cultural jazzes, and other such geeks, freaks, leeks, and sneak peeks are invited and encouraged to participate. Well, maybe not leeks. This post is becoming increasingly onion flavored for some reason.

Con on the Cob


Get your shiny wazoo to Con on the Cob. We have special guests out the wazoo this year and gaming is FREE again. Register now to save a bundle! Check it out.

I think that’s about enough blabbing for now. I’ll post those miniatures pictures as soon as Jason gets them to me.

Much love,



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