Oithlings needed for Oddmall 2014

Greetings Oith Creatures,

As you probably know by now, Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird (Ohio Edition) is moving to the John S. Knight Center in downtown Akron for our May 10 show next year. As part of the expansion, we are adding an additional 100 vendor spaces to house the Oddmall Comic & Toy Expo. This will be a HUGE section dedicated to games, toys, collectibles, comics, and all the other geeky things we love. We’ll have some great guests and some really fantastic activities to go along with everything.

I am currently looking for 2-3 awesome Oithlings (perhaps more) to help run the Mutha Oith Creations booth and to run demos of Dementalism and/or Low Life at the show. Clams, badges, accommodations, and free stuff will be awarded in abundance! Since I’ll be busy running the show I won’t have as much time as I’d like for such things and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Anybody who is interested, please let me know. Thanks a lot,



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