PSSST! Come closer, I have something nifty to tell you…

So, as many folks know, I (Krystal) have been fussing with the site the past week or so. It’s not done, but I can tell you about the parts that are!

If you hover over your name in the upper corner of the website, a drop down menu will appear. Here you will find Activity, Friends, Groups, Messages, Settings, and Profile menus.

  • Activity allows you to see different activity feeds. So you can see where you are mentioned in posts (Using @ next to a username should allow you to mention people, similar to Facebook. I am not sure that this is fully integrated yet, but try it out anyways!), your personal activity, posts you have favorited, the activity of those you have friended, and activity from any groups you are in.
  • Friends allows you to see your friendships and any pending requests. You can request friends and all of that jazz.
  • Groups allows you to make groups, invite people to and join groups, and see an groups you are a part of.
  • Messages is your own MOC private message mail box. It includes an inbox and sent mail, allows you to compose messages, and shows you any notifications you have.
  • Settings allows you to adjust your notification and personal settings.
  • Profile allows you to view your profile, edit your profile, and change your avatar. We highly recommend adding an avatar. As we start to add more badges and things, your avatar will be displayed on the badge page. It looks really boring when we all have little grey boxes, and it is hard to tell who is who! If you do not have an avatar, please, please, please add one! (Yes, that line is colored, bold, and italicized – because that is the art teacher part of me saying that it is going to be important!)

Okay. Now on to badges and rewards.

  • Badges can be found when you go to the top menu bar, hover over Oithlings, and click on Ranks and Rewards.
    • Right now, you will see the ranks for clams, and if you scroll towards the bottom, you will see the badges. Next to each picture is a description of the badge, and how to earn it.
    • Now the fun part! Click on the badge picture. SURPRISE! This takes you to the badge’s page.
      • If you have already earned this achievement, a green notification will appear saying you have earned it.
      • Next, you will see the description and how to earn the badge.
      • If it requires a set of steps, it will list them. If a step is crossed out, you have already completed that step.
      • Underneath all of this, you will see the avatars of the Oithlings that have earned the badge.
      • If earning the badge requires you to submit a link, image, or something else, you will see a submission form at the bottom of the page. Links can be copied and pasted into the text box. Any images can be uploaded using the button. (We then receive and approve submissions and award you your badges.)
    • Soon, clams will be tied to this system, and you will earn badges for your ranks. (Everything will carry over – no worries!) We are also working on integrating your badges to your profiles. That way, when some one views your profile, they will see all of the badges you have earned.

Okay, so that is all for now! Check it out, add an avatar, and keep checking back for new badges and goodness! If you notice that I have broken or lost anything while working on this all, just let me know!

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