Re-Dredged Preview: Croach



The Low Down

Resilient and gristly, croaches are among the most populous and gregarious of Oith’s peeps. They can be found just about anywhere doing just about anything. Some choose the life of the vagarious gadabout, traveling the Oith in search of adventure. Others opt for a more citified existence where they fill every niche imaginable, from the lowliest slum to the grandest palace. Croaches are steadfast and adaptable. The know their lot in life and they either accept it and thrive or refuse it and strive for something different. Hardships and triumphs are greeted with equal enthusiasm. In fact, there’s nothing a croach enjoys more than overcoming obstacles and proving his moxie.

Not only are croaches socially adaptable, able to withstand oppression and hardship that would crush the average peep, they also possess several physical features in line with their durable nature. That crunchy shell isn’t just for looks, after all, and those extra arms are useful for all kinds of things (yes, that too, you pervert). Croaches can get around in the dark pretty well, thanks to their sweet antennae, and their legendary gullets can digest just about anything. Unfortunately, this makes them the brunt of an endless panoply of poop-eater jokes, but croaches usually just shrug these off and take another bite.


Every croach is its own croach and acts accordingly. Some are violent and cruel while others are peaceful and mellow. One thing they have in common, though, is when they do fight they tend to be pretty decent at it. Their crunchy shell makes it hard to bleed them and most croaches have four arms with which to wield various choppy, stabby things. The list of famous croach scrappers is a long one, with such bad asses as Aig the Lanky, Dorble Two-Eyes, Rorilla Platebreaker, and Flurp Foefilcher as random examples.

Getting Along With Others

Unlike cremefillians, who tend to harbor spite like a harbor harbors boats, or horcs, who just like hurting things, croaches seem to get along with just about everybody. Not individually, mind you (there are plenty of unpleasant croaches out there), but as a general guideline. Croaches are among the most cosmopolitan and versatile of peeps. As such, it’s hard to really nab them down. They do all sorts of jobs and their lives are about as varied as life can be. If a croach isn’t well regarded it’s unlikely to be because he’s a croach. He’s probably just a jerk.

Croach Names

Croaches tend to keep whatever names their parents give them, which are more likely to be a function of their culture or religion than their species. Nicknames are common, but they’re usually descriptive rather than arrogant. Sultan Pepper, The Litter Bug, Bernizedd the Enplumpinated, Ermle the Stitch, Gristle Sans-an-Arm, and Deleterious Snark are a few croaches of note.

Racial Abilities

  1.            Antennae
  2.             Crunchy Shell
  3.             Multiple Limbs
  4.             Gullet of Steel

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