Re-Dredged Preview: Danged Wrangler

The ...danged


Danged Wrangler is a New Arcane Skill in Low Life Re-Dredged!

Danged Wranglers, sometimes called danglers, wrangle creatures …of the Danged. They use their tenebrous influence to summon, create, and control such nonliving-but-not-quite-dead creatures. They can also manipulate the Fundamental forces that keep such peeps moving, brandishing various mumbos of murky jumbo.

Trappings: The trappings of a danged wrangler are totally goth. Their zazz usually has something to do with darkness, skulls, bones, blood, or gloomy poetry.

Some New Danged Wrangler Powers:

  • Cadavergab – Able to gab with …the danged.
  • Corpse Command – Get Dead things to do what you want
  • Dang – Make dead things… a little less dead (…danged).

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