Re-Dredged Preview: Dementalist



The Gist: Dementalists waggle their zazz just by thinking about it. They don’t need any special incantations, artifices, or creatures from elsewhere. It’s all in their mind.

Trappings: A lot dementalism, since it takes place in the noggin, is invisible. Other stuff manifests according the oofo’s self image (Light made of glowing brains, Confusion in the form of irresistible long division, a Burst of tiny planets, etc…).

Available Powers (Added to Power List in Bold): Armor, Barrier, Beast Friend, Blast, Blind, Boggle, Bolt, Boost/Lower Trait, Burst, Confusion, Darksight, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana, Disguise, Divination, Elemental Manipulation, Environmental Protection, Farsight, Fear, Greater Healing, Havoc, Healing, Intangibility, Invisibility, Light/Obscure, Mind Reading, New Perspective, Probe, Pummel, Puppet, Quickness, Rapport, Slumber, Speak Language, Speed, Stun, Succor,  Telekinesis, Teleport, Warrior’s Gift

New Powers:

  • Boggle – Make the target believe a whopper!
  • New Perspective – A dementalist can use this power to hijack the senses of another creature
  • Probe – Anything the subject has ever witnessed, heard, learned, or known, since the time of its birth can be perused, even stuff the subject has forgotten.
  • Rapport – A dementalist using this power is able to determine the general mood, motives, and desires of a subject.

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