Scrapper Core Pod


This term refers to just about any peep who makes his way by force of wallop and clobber. Some are soldiers and warriors, swinging sporks and slinging bricks at the order of boss and burg. Others are gladiators and pit fighters, matching wits and weapons with others of similar bent for the entertainment of the crowd and the adoration of the groupies. Some scrappers wear the metaphorical badge of the gadabout, wandering the Oith trashing monsters and stealing their treasure in the name of adventure. A few scrappers of potential interest: Glutenous Maximus (cremefillian gladiator), Rancid Mank (wielder of Stan’s Stinging Stab Scepter), Yoppa Kidneysqueezer (squeezer of kidneys), and Hurble Foeflayer (who conquered the horcs of the Tongue Rage clan).

So straight up Melee combat guy.

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