Smoovester and Snoot Peep Core Pod


These guys are slicker than greased werm poop. One minute they’re gabbing with you about  he weather and the next their walking away wearing your pants. Masters of the con, the fraud, the sneak, the swindle, the grift, the racket, the hoax, the deception, the seduction, and the rip off, smoovesters are some tricky goosers. A good smoovester, one worthy of the title, can talk the trousers off a trionaparapants and sell diapers to an oofo. Most smoovesters don’t call themselves that, it would kind of ruin the surprise, but such greasy peeps as Swovv Zinkleman, Moist Murphle, Pearly Whites, and Grubonzo Gildedtongue have pulled off a few notable shenanigans.


These peeps are the filthy crust of society. The filthy rich upper crust, that is! They’re clammy waremongers, flush nobles, imperious aristocrats, and other privileged sorts with fancy duds, lofty demeanors, and bulging clam sacks. They traipse such posh hoods as Floom’s Bucket Turf, Torkle’s Upper Crust, just about anywhere in Borf, and New Oorlquar’s Swishswank Vicinity, having parties, attending the theater, buying clammy stuff, looking own on the masses, and otherwise rolling in it. A few of Oith’s clammiest peeps: Shroothoozula Crudmuffin (Doyenne of Glop), Bezoar the Rank, Clamsack the Corpulent, and Pecunious the Loaded. Most of Oith’s rulers would probably fit into this category as well, with Sultan Pepper himself probably topping the roster, but I don’t want to talk about them right now.

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