Thanks for Something!


Because I love you all and also because I want to sell more books and stuff the following promotion is now in effect at (the official online store of Mutha Oith Creations): Use the promo code “thanksforsomething” to receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $45 or more.

Also, Alphabeast Soup is 20% off through December. It is, in my perfectly unbiased opinion, the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT for everyone on your list, be they child, adult, geezer, larva, baby, toddler, teen, tween, tweeb, crone, male, female, other, or etc…


In fact, here’s an awesome review a young lady named Willow mailed to me last week. It kind of gets you in the feels (at least it gets me in the feels, I daren’t speculate where it gets you).


Also, if we’re friends and you don’t yet own a copy of Low Life WHAT THE HECK, MAN? You seriously┬áneed to nab one for yourself (and six or seven for your other friends).


Also, Dementalism, G’Zoink, and Low Life Miniatures make amazing presents. You should probably consider that when making any gift purchases in the near future. ­čÖé

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