The Deluxe Dementalism Denizen Design Dispute


Hey! You there. Yes, you. The person reading these words.

Have you ever wanted to design a character and have that character illustrated and used in a snazzy game of ingenious ingeniousnessness? Have you ever further dreamed of getting to keep the original drawing and bragging to all your friend, enemies, friends of friends, and enemies of enemies about how YOU TOTALLY WON A CONTEST on the internet?

No? Oh, well then, carry on…

Oh, wait, you mean yes? Cool beans. Have I got a treat for the likes of you! Presenting, for the enjoyment of all people, the DELUXE DEMENTALISM DENIZEN DESIGN DISPUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gist

In celebration of the upcoming retail release of Dementalism: An Ingenious Game of Ingenious Ingeniousnessness, Mutha Oith Creations is overjoyed to present a Kickstarter campaign to bring you several new expansion decks and a whole mess of limited edition promotional cards for the Dementalism game (Here’s a link to the Kickstarter). To mark the occasion, and to bring a little something to the peeps supporting the campaign and watching the action from home, we’re giving everyone a chance to make their own mark on the game.


The Details

Here’s the Lowdown on the what’s what: Create a new card for the Dementalism game. You don’t have to know anything about the game, really, but you do have a to have a little bit of knowledge about the setting, which Low Life’s Mutha Oith (like Mother Earth, but with more attitude). Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Come up with a concept. It can be a character (any of the Low Life species are up for nabs), a Beast (just about anything you want. The sillier the better), or a location.

Step 2: Write up a short description of your character (or beast or whatever) and email it to Andy at Include a picture if you want. It can be as detailed as you want it to be. If you have an idea of the character’s Denizen Power or the Beasts abilities or the Digs effect or anything of that nature please include it. If you don’t, no sweat. We’ll figure it out together.


The Rules

Rule 1: Tell everyone you know about this. Spread the word from on high and on low and on medium heighted things. Enter as many times as you want. Please watch your spelling and grammar and punctuation and such, because when those things go bad nobody wins.

Rule 2: I’ll choose my favorite and draw that character as a Denizen, Beast, Holy Roller, or Digs card for Dementalism. That card will be offered as one of the unlockable promotional cards in the Dementalism kickstarter. If we don’t earn enough in the campaign to get to the promotional card it will instead be included in one of the unlocked expansion decks.


Rule 3: You get to keep the original full-color drawing (a $300-500 value) and you’ll get a copy of the card whether or not you back the kickstarter campaign.

Rule 4: Please have all entries in by Friday, October 18. That will give me enough time to get the picture drawn before the kickstarter ends.

Rule 5: There are no more rules. What do you think this is, Rulesylvania or something? Go think up some snazzy peeps and monsters and whatnot.


Here’s that email link again…


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