The Lowlies


Two new Lowlies have been added to the collection and the Marketplace- Lichenthropes and Linachithis!

The Lowlies are a growing collection of handcrafted plushies as diverse as the creatures of Oith. Many are made with felt, some with yarn, and others with fleece. All are made with love. (Because we are gushing with love.)


Currently, the collection includes:

– Those weird slug-like things that keep showing up in all of the pictures
– Sack O’ Slugs
– The Umber Cuke
– Plush Slogs
– Linachithis
– Lichenthropes

They are all available for purchase in the MOC Marketplace.

Be  sure to keep your eye out for new Lowlies to be added to the collection!

sack o slugs 1







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