The State of the Oith Address – May 2015

The State of the Oith Address – May 2015

As is traditional in such matters, let us begin with the singing of the Floomish National Anthem:

Oh crungious slab of Floom
We drain our suds to you’m.
If ever you should fall
We’d be sad for a while but we’d eventually get over it

Todays State of the Oith Address spouts the gab about a great many things. I shall attempt to be concise, but if you’re reading this you probably know concise isn’t really my thing. Shall we begin? Let’s…

Low Life Miniatures

The following new Low Life Miniatures are currently being forged and will hopefully be to me in time for peeps to nab them at Origins. If you are a backer of the Low Life Minis kickstarter and would like to pick up miniatures at Origins next week please email me to let me know.

  • Hamster
  • Cute Little Ducky
  • Lichenthrope
  • Zub Trooxkle
  • Blor-porple
  • Coblins

In related news, our sculptor Chad Hoverter has finished two new sculpts. Please say hello to The Boss of Lunch and Glutenous Maximus!


I’m sure many of you are wondering what’s up with the plorp balloon… Here’s the deal: we are still working on casting it in-house. I was grossly ignorant (perhaps misinformed is more accurate but I don’t want to point fingers) about how much it would cost to have such a large miniature cast in a foundry. Doing so would use up a significant portion of the overall minis budget. That’s why Krystal has been diligently working on building molds and casting it here. She’s doing a fantastic job, but we’ve had some learning curve issues and snafus along the way, which is why it’s not quite ready. We’ll let you know as soon as it is.

Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (Redredged)

We have the new Low Life books and I am OVERJOYED with how well they turned out. Seriously, you guys, you are going to really dig it. The past two weeks have been a crazy insane madhouse of activity as we have been prepping this jazz for distribution to kickstarter backers and retail stores (along with G’Zoink and its expansion decks, the Boss Blocker, and four sets of Figure Flats). Much love to Greg, Krystal, and Robin for all the hard work they’ve been putting in.

2000 Low Life books currently live in my garage. I think maybe they ate one of my cats.


Living Low: The Low Life Living Campaign

I will be running the very first Living Low events at Origins next week (The Bulgenoggin Branch and The Bowls of the Oith). If you’re interested, come by the Mutha Oith Creations booth in the vendor hall to make a character. Games are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4pm-8pm.

Living Low allows players to create a personal character they will carry with them through multiple Low Life adventures.

Nab yourself a free copy of the Living Low Character Creation Guide here.



The G’Zoink decks, and all ten expansion decks, are back from the printer. Sorry for their late arrival. I had hoped to have them by the end of March, but there were some unavoidable delays at the printer. They are in hand, corners rounded, and boxed up to start sending out to backers and retailers along with the new Low Life book and related jazz.


Alphabeast Soup

Alphabeast Soup is completed but not yet printed. The printer also prints most of the country’s high school and college yearbooks, so they are pretty thick into yearbooks this time of year and do not have the available presses. Alphabeast Soup should print at the end of June and should be ready way ahead of the anticipated October release.

cover image

Playing Cards

The Low Life and Alphabeast Soup playing cards were printed this week and should arrive at my house tomorrow. This also plops them well ahead of their anticipated release (sometimes I like to do things early just to confuse you). I should have them at Origins as well.


The Low Life Audio Recordings

The next chapter in the Low Life audio edition will be recorded tomorrow. I tried to do it last week but a sore throat and gravelly voice decided it wasn’t the best time. You can nab them, and the coveted Low Box ($250+ value for only $40) at my Patreon site.


Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird

Oddmall Seattle is coming up next weekend in Everette, Washington. DON’T MISS IT!!!!!

Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird happened in Akron, Ohio earlier this month and IT WAS A BLAST! Over 240 vendors and over 10,000 visitors packed the halls of the John S. Knight Center. The next Oddmall is October 31 and November 1 in Akron, Ohio. Artist and vendor space is available. Oddmall is always overflowing with amazing things, including:

  • Original Art
  • Amazing Crafts
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Collectibles
  • Tattoos
  • Lego
  • Jewelry
  • Sculptures
  • Jugglers, face painters, and entertainers of all sorts
  • Oddities and Curiosites
  • Costumes and Cosplay
  • Fan Clubs
  • RC Vehicles( which are even covered by one sure traders insurance)
  • Anything else that’s cool, artistic, odd, or interesting


Con on the Cob

I’ve said too much already…

Seriously, if you haven’t checked out the Con on the Cob website please do so now. There’s just way too many cool things for me to recount here.  Please register your badge, reserve your hotel room, and add your events to the schedule as soon as possible.


Assorted Kickstarter Jazz

We are going to try to mail out all of the backer rewards for G’Zoink, Low Life, Alphabeast Soup, and the Playing Cards by the end of June. If anybody wants to nab any of that stuff early by coming by the Mutha Oith Creations booth in the vendor hall at Origins please do so. You’d be doing me a solid…

If you do intend to pick things up please send me an email to let me know and we’ll try to get it all packaged and ready for you.

The Akron / Canton Hotlist

Please take a moment to give Oddmall your vote for Best Arts & Crafts and Best Gift Shop in the Akron / Canton Hotlist. It super easy and only takes  a moment. You’d be doing me a real solid. Just follow this link, if you please…

There’s more…

There’s always more. Of course there’s more. Can’t think of it right now…

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