Things and Such and Happenings! The Tuesday Update on Wednesday!

Hello All!

In the dark recesses of the Mutha Oith Creations Studio, Confectionary, and Vomitorium, we have been busy doing such things as the ears have scarcely dreamed and the eyes have never even considered smelling!

First things first… the Cob Crate promotion has ended and it was a great success. Thank you all who registered for a room (and took advantage of the room rate at its cheapest) and procured a badge or seven for the Con on the Cob 2015 extravaganza! While the room rate went up a pittance, you can still nap one and a badge for a song (or more effectively, real money)!

Krystal has been working at speeds not seen since the Ben Hur chariot race on all sorts of Oddmall vendor and promotion details. It looks like it is shaping up to be a Day of Days! Well 2 Day of Days back to back….

Here at the MOC Fun Factory and Cat Fur Sexiteria, we have been working on the miniatures. Below is a sneak peak at the Hamster mini plus the all new Giggity #1 mini. Enjoy! IMG_2947 IMG_2946

Currently (and as I write this), Andy has been chained to his desk (for at least the last 10 hours because we lost the key) working on finishing the latest G’Zoink expansion sets for the Kickstarter and non-Kickstarter peeps alike! It looks like once he stopped chewing on his own foot to escape, he settled down and created a further 2 (Two, Too, To!) expansions for the card game!

In other MOC news, it is cold down here but we love you guys soooooo much that we gave up digits to bring you new and exciting and old and less exciting stuff. I hope you enjoy!

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