Tuesday Update on a Thursday!

By the Teets of Boorglezar have we am update for you! First let’s say first things first. Good, now that that is finished, let’s move on to the second thing….

MOC has a new, exciting ebay auction! Offered up at a fraction of the price is an amazing original color drawing lovingly hand sketched then hand colored by hand even from the award wining hand of hAndy hHopp! Check it out and see if you want to own something so excruciatingly beautiful that your eyes will explode once you get it framed and hung right next to your trusty toilet!

If exploding eyes aren’t your thing, then we move right on to number 3! So thirdly, MOC has been uploading all sorts of swell new content at RPGNow.com! We have things for free, we have things for sale, we have things that are bundled, and we have things that aren’t bundled! The plan here is to slowly release amazing new content through RPGNow.com so that one and all can procure all the goodies in PDF format.

4th and 5th… just because this is so huge it can’t be contained by just one number… Con on the Cob… it’s just 11 months away… so secure your badge, your hotel room, and your adult Pull-On Super Absorbent undergarments so you too can be part of all the action. Plus, you can be a GUEST of HONOR… just check out how here!

6th is Oddmall…. the first ever February Oddmall is just around the corner… and we only have a few tables left for vendors… so I can safely say it will be a sell out! Don’t forget to pop by and peruse all the stuff… and it’s a great St Valentine’s day destination. What better way to say, “I love you,” than with a gift of a spatula… I mean a day at Oddmall!

7th… Lowtique has loads of crap… go check out the crap!

8th, I may be forgetting stuff… hopefully this update will keep Andy from scourging me for just a bit longer… His arms get ever so tired and then he can’t work on new drawings and new books and new unholy creations!


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