You can earn some new badges!

There are two new badges that can be earned! There is a badge for Oddmall Ohio and a badge for Oddmall Seattle.

How do you earn these snazzy, ultra-awesome, super-spiffy awards you ask?

Well, lend me your ears and I will tell you!

Visit the Ranks and Rewards page, scroll down and click on each respective badge’s picture. It will tell you how to complete each step. When you have completed a task, follow the link under “Required Steps” for each. This will take you to the submission form for that task. Send us a message telling and/or showing us (whichever is appropriate) how you have completed the task. Once you have completed all the tasks and we review your submissions, you will earn that badge! YAY!

You will notice that you receive a point for each task, and then the final badge. When everything is switched over, these points will be combined with your current clams!

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