New Low Life Character Species!

Here, as reported by Zlozz Kerpanski of the Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorers Societe, are some snazzy bits about a new playable character species for the Low Life RPG (along with a new drawing I just did, the original of which my man Osprodd gets as a reward for earning a buttload of clams as one of MOC’s top Oithlings).


Nick Name

The Furred Reich

Low Down

These Peeps have been deep in the Underwhere for longer than anyone can remember. They are so reclusive that until MOUES found them, even the myths of these furry folk were only stories that oldsters spouted. Hareians are wee small, like smaller than smelves, and ideally covered in a soft white downy fur, from the tips of their long floppy ears to their oversized feets. They naturally have red/pink eyes, but it is the hareian way to have their eye color changed to blue. Hareian garb consists of black, black coat, black shoes, black hat, black boots.


Hareians are a very well organized group, with most males inducted into the Hareian Army. The purpose of this army is to keep their region free of any underwhere dwellers that would do them harm. Despite their size and cuteness, they do a very good job of this. Tactically, Hareians are most likely to work in a group, with teamwork and precision drilled into them.

Gettin’ Along

The first response of any Hareian to a peep that doesn’t look like them is “KILL IT”, which extends to other Hareians that have a different coat color. Mor moderate hareians however have calmed the masses, and now the rule of the day is that non-ideal Hareians are only treated like 3rd class citezens. Other races are still treated with suspicion, and encounters with most hareians will be tense at best. Hareians with obviously different coat colors will more likely be tollerant of surface oithlings, and Hareians with only small flaws, which are easily covered over are more likely to be more xenophobic. Hareians are all fervent believers in “The True Faith” (See religions), and are actively plotting the subjugation of Mutha Oith. Hareians have there own religon, which is theirs and they do not want to share it. It is very secretive, and the only things that outsiders get is that it preaches about A) one day returning to the surface in force. and B) complete devotion to their underwhere god, the Mine Furrer.

Common Names

Hareians have names that they only share with their family and friends, when dealing with outsiders, they are known by their position in the Hareian army, and their group number, like Scout 5, sniper 2, Cannon Fodder 43. 3rd class Hareians will usually answer to just about anything, as long as it is directed towards them, and your voice sounds authoritative.

Racial Traits

  • Feets abound: Characters running die is upgraded to a d8 instead of d6, and pace is increased by 1.
  • HAIR OF LEGEND (New Edge)
  • Dark vision: able to see in the dark without penalty
  • -Really small guy: As per the Edge in the original Low Life book.
  • A well organized mind: All Knowledge checks (even untrained) are made with a +1. This reduces the penalty for untrained knowledge checks to -1 instead of the typical -2. This bonus is ONLY ATTRIBUTED TO THE SMARTS DIE, NOT THE WILD DIE. Character also begins with a +1 to his smarts die type.
  • Xenophobic: Treats non-hareians and is treated by non-hareians as if their charisma is one lower than it is.
  • Overconfident: As per the Savage Worlds Deluxe Hinderance.

Reported By

Zlozz Kirpanksi

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