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    Big Red

    …or dead? I only found out about Low Life and all it’s jazz recently, and I’ve kind of dived in to the muck, getting all the books and such

    I have so many questions!:

    -Is there more planned? I crave more lore and Lowly adventures!

    -Will the setting continue with SW Deluxe, or will be get a conversion to SWADE? (not that it matters too much)

    -Is there any easier way to meet other Oithlings? a Discord server maybe?

    -Is the Whole Hole supposed to be slightly smaller than the other books or did it shrink in the wash?

    -Are there any active web games running at the moment anywhere, like on Roll20 or something? The struggle to find other players is real

    I’m sure I’ll think of more questions, but in any case, Hello and nice to meet all of you feculant gobs!


    Joseph Badnell

    Yeah, it’s pretty much dead. When I found this website I began to dream of it a few years prior as if it was a buzzing nest of discussions and stories.

    There is more planned! I’ve heard through assorted interviews and podcasts that he’s working on the third The Whole Hole, this one focused around The Incredibly Huge Monsterâ„¢! Of course I have no other news since nothing official’s been said, but I’m sure he’s cranking out a grand book.

    There’s been an official SW conversion PDF released by the SW company. Nothing Low Life specific, though. The decision on of SWED or SWADE is up to the GM, though

    No, other than conventions.

    *shrug* It’s just a thing.

    I’m not sure, haven’t looked. Probably not since Low Life has a cult following, with some people only knowing of it.

    I hope you do, and hello to you, fellow feculant gob! I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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