Help me Oithlings. You’re my only hope (or whatever).

How can I help?

The kickstarter campaign for the new Low Life Redredged core rulebook is going extremely well! Just three hours in and we are closing in on the first goal already. We could always do better, though, and since the profusion of goodies everyone ends up with depend greatly on the overall funding level attained, it’s in all of our best interest to spread the word as broadly as possible. Here are a few things anyone can do to spout the gab. I’d consider it a solid if you:

Back the project

Every dollar helps. Even a single dollar lets everyone who follows you know you support this thing. Of course the bigger the pledge the better, as far as I’m concerned, but I’m a admittedly biased. .

Like the kickstarter page ( on facebook, twitter, google+ and elsewhere

Even if you can’t afford (or are disinclined) to back the project right now every mention helps.

Use this Image as your Avatar

Right click on the image to get the URL or copy and paste it or do whatever else is in your power to use this as your avatar on kickstarter, facebook, and anywhere else you can think of. Please link back to this site where applicable.


Tell Everyone

If you frequent any relevant message boards, blogs, or new sites it would be really awesome if you could give me a mention whenever possible. Thanks!

Become an Oithling

Visit this link to sign up for the FREE Oithlings incentive program.

Thanks guys! We’re working on something special for all the loyal Oithlings.

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