Kickstarter Update – Nab a FREE original drawing

Good day to you, fellow Oithlings,

A few newsworthy bits of tid:

1. We are less than $350 from the $15,000 CUSTOM LOW LIFE DICE Stretch Goal. This is very exciting to me, since dice are something Low Life players have been asking me for for years. It looks like it’s about to happen. In celebration of this upcoming milestone, I will give a FREE ORIGINAL DRAWING to whoever unlocks that goal for us, assuming it happens today (Sunday June 2). This drawing has a street value (uncut) of $300-$500. If you’re considering raising your pledge so you can nab more goodies, now might be a good time.

2. I added a Challenge Coin Stretch Goal to Heap #3. Everyone who nabs Heap #3 will get this for FREE as part of their pledge. Oithlings with at least 100 clams will also get a FREE challenge coin, regardless of their pledge level.

What’s a challenge coin? It’s this very sweet metal coin, embossed with the Crying Oith logo and declaring its owner an official Oithling. When two Oithlings meet anywhere on Oith, one of them may present his or her coin to the other. If the challenged Oithling then present his or her matching coin, the challenger owes him a drink (or a pickle or something). If he fails to represent, he owes the challenger a drink. It’s all very exciting.

3. The Art Cards that are part of Heap #5 have been identified.They will feature some of my favorite characters from the original Low Life book. That way peeps who missed out on that book can still make friends with them.

Here’s a picture of a dork (dark smelf) for your enjoyment. Love andy.facebookavatar


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