Low Life Fiction Anthology – A New Contest


Attention all artsy-farsty wordsy-wiggly peeps!

Your participation is requested in the following endeavor:

Mutha Oith Creations, in conjunction with Surreal Siren and a whole bunch of really amazing peeps, is proud to announce the impending creation of Low Brow High Adventure: An Anthology of Low Life Fiction. This book, which is one of the Stretch Goals for the current Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly core rulebook kickstarter campaign, will include short stories, poetry, and artwork from some of the top writers and artists in the field. And you, of course (assuming you win the contest).

Contest? There’s a contest?

That’s right, there’s a contest, and you are the primary contestant. I’ll explain the lowdowns in a yort or two, but for now, here’s the gist:

Submit a Low Life themed poem, short story, or piece of artwork by Tuesday, June 18, 2013. If that’s not enough time to write an entire story, just send us an excerpt and a brief summary so we can get the gist of your talents and style. Submissions should be sent to Andy at andy@andyhopp.com.hamster

What’s the Prize?

We’ll select at least one story or poem and at least one drawing for inclusion in the book. We might select more than one if the submissions are particularly good. The creator will receive an author or artist credit in the book, a free PDF copy of the book, three physical copies of the book (if we have more than one winner, each winner will receive 1 copy of the book with a Grand Prize Winner receiving 3 copies), 100 Oithling clams, an original drawing by me (Andy), and the right to purchase additional copies of the book at the wholesale price.

The Lowdowns

Here are some submission guidelines and a few other bits and pieces.

Writing Submissions

1. Please edit your work. Nothing will get your submission trashed more quickly than unchecked spelling and poor grammar. Vernacular gab spoutings are encouraged, but your punctuation and spelling should still be as professional as possible.

2. Your story or poem must take place somewhere within the Low Life setting. You will be writing as if you are a denizen of Oith telling your tale to some assembled peeps of similar character. You may use any perspective you wish, but do not include any out of context game jargon or rules references that will take the reader out of the narrative. Your tale may be about anything at all, as long as it fits into the Low Life setting.

3. If you are unfamiliar with the Low Life setting, please follow this link to nab yourself a FREE copy of the original Low Life RPG in PDF format. That’s correct, a FREE book just for looking at this page. You may also want to consider nabbing a copy of The Whole Hole, which expands significantly upon the realms and denizens of Mutha Oith. Additionally, if aren’t already a backer, please consider backing the kickstarter campaign for the newly redredged and updated core rulebook that’s in the works.

4. Writing works can be of any length –a simple five line limerick or a 40 page novelette, it’s all good. Submissions will be considered on their own merits and there will be room in the book for all sorts. If you don’t have time to finish your submission by June 18, send us what you have and a summary of the rest.

5. You may enter as many submissions as you like.

6. Submissions that don’t make it into the book will still be posted on this website for everyone to see. How cool is that?

Daddy Ignominious

Art Submissions

1. Art will be greyscale or black and white. Feel free to send color art if you want, but we’ll convert it to greyscale for the printed version (although the PDF might still be in color).

2. Art should depict Low Life characters, creatures, or locations. Feel free to make up your own. You may use any medium to want, but we’d like to keep the art looking like it could be made within the setting (digital art should try to avoid looking too digital).

3. Please send 300 dpi best quality jpegs to Andy at andy@andyhopp.com.Smelf with clipboard.jpg

A few more things

1. Submissions will be reviewed and the winner(s) will be notified by June 24.

2. The book will be edited by Heather Hopp. She’s awesome.

3. Much of the art and writing in the book will be done by well-known industry professionals. I’ll reveal some of the names very soon, but for now enjoy a bit of suspense in your life. Ok, here’s a sneak peek: super famous artists Larry Elmore and Arnie Swekel are on board, to name two!

4. Please spread the word about this contest as much as possible. Oithlings can earn 5 clams by Liking this post on facebook or Google+. Tweet it, Pinterestinate it. Do whatever you can to let peeps know, then post a message on this page letting me know you did so, and your clams will arrive in the usual manner.



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