Low Life Pronunciation Guide

horizontal_black_lineHere presented, for the edification of the inquisitive and the education of the ignorant, is a handy guide to the pronunciation of words, names, and other Low Life jazz. If there’s a word you and your peeps are stuck on, please post to this thread in the forum and I’ll see if I can help you win the bet.

Babajuana – BOB-uh-WONN-uh

Bodul – Rhymes with yodel.

Boorglezar – BOR-gul-zar

Circuspi Nut – SER-kuss-pee NUT (kind of like circus peanut)

Cremefillian – kreem-FILL-EE-un

Croach – Rhymes with poach, roach, and loach, but not with peas, nurse, nor encyclopedia.

Flew – FLOO, as it “no longer flies”.

Funguy – FUN-guy

Hoomanrace – hoo-MUN Race.

Horc – Rhymes with spork.

Mutha Oith – It’s a bastardization of Mother Earth. MUTH-uh OYTH.

Oofo – OO-FOE. Like UFO, only pronounced and spelled differently.

Pile – Rhymes with smile, of course.

Smelf – Rhymes with shelf.

Snell – Rhymes with shell, yell, tell, bell, and Marcel.

Tain’t – Rhymes with paint.

Tizn’t – Rhymes with isn’t. It’s a contraction of it isn’t.

Werm – Sounds just like worm, but is usually spoken with a derisive sneer.


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