All Manner of Things are Thinging

Greetings my Fellow Oithlings!

It has been many a long longness since I’ve had a chance to write something significant on this site. Now is the time to remedy that situation. Oddmall and Con on the Cob are over for the year and I can once again focus my endeavors Oithularly. Here’s the lowdown on what’s up:


Oh man, is G’Zoink g’zoinking along merrily! We are way ahead of schedule for the March release. In fact, it might even be ready in time for the holidays (especially for the peeps who just get the core set). The core set is compeltely finished. The art for Chunderstorm is completely finished. The art for the expansions is well underway. All is well in G’Zoinksylvania.


G’Zoink also features a snazzy new packaging design that many of you will dig. Those that don’t won’t, but you can’t please everyone.

Low Life Redredged

Now is the time, Mine Shprockets, when we turn our attention full time to finishing the new Low Life core rulebook. I know you’ve heard that from me before, and I keep getting sidetracked, but this time for real. All that’s left is the cover and a few of the adventures. I will be sending out the pdf version to all the kickstarter backers as soon as it’s ready and then the print version once that comes back from the magic print gawds or whatever force is responsible for redrawing all that stuff over and over again.

Low Life Miniatures

New miniatures are on the way and I’m hoping to have at least a couple of them here by the holidays.

Greg is Now a Thing that’s a Thing at Mutha Oith Creations

Hey, do you guys know my man Greg? He’s one of the good ones. Not only is he one of the good ones, as I just told you he is, he’s also Mutha Oith Creations’ newest employee. Greg will be helping out with a lot of things around here, not the least of which is making sure this site gets the attention it deserves. He’ll also be maintaining the product inventory, dealing with retailers and distributors, running the MOC newsletter, rubbing our feet, keeping me on track, and doing all the other things Krystal and I are too busy, distracted, or incompetent to do on our own.

Con on the Cob

Holy Goose! Do we have some special stuff in store for those peeps who plan to attend Con on the Cob in 2015. That’s not a question, actually. It’s one of those statements that begins with the word “do” but isn’t an interrogative. Anyway, we do have some special stuff in store.

The biggest news is that Con on the Cob, after seven years at the Clarion in Hudson, is moving on to bigger digs. We’re now at the Days Inn in Brecksville, Ohio. This will allow us to EXPANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. More gaming space, more vendor space, more party space, more panel space, more everything! Also, vendor registration is open, so go get some.

Check it out!



Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird is now officially a big deal. We had over 8000 peeps at the show last weekend and May’s show looks to be even huger. Despite the change in status of a certain person whose name I won’t write here (he went from rude person I dislike to rude person I actively want to see eaten by a shark), things went off swimmingly. Vendor registration for the next Oddmall is now live!


Weekly eBay Sales

We’re going back to our weekly eBay original art sales very soon. This will be your chance to nab original artwork at WAAAAAY LESS than the regular price. If you dig what I do and you want some of my snazz hanging on your bathroom wall this might be a thing of interest to you. Greg will post an update as soon as the first item is listed.

Any requests?


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