Much Love Unto the Oithlings


Hello there, friends. Do you know the lowdown on the what’s what about the Oithlings? If not, you should probably school yourself before people start to think something’s wrong with you. Here’s a handy link to get you started.

Currently, my man Thom Shartle is topping the Oithling Leaderboards. As a reward for his endeavors he scored himself a nifty custom character portrait hand-drawn in the slavepits of my living room by me, Andy. That’s Kaptin Phyllin MacKrakin of the Oozin’ Dutchman up there, showing off a portrait of his famed slog schooner and fondling his precious dammit hammer in all his radiant splendor. Such a thing can be yours as well! All you have to do is earn a paltry 1500 clams. Simplicity itself.

Speaking of awesome Oithlings, there’s something else super cool on the horizon. The details aren’t screwed in yet, but prepare yourself for LIVING LOW, the Low Life living campaign. You’ll be able to make a personal Low Life character and bring it to all the cons all over the gob! Your character will earn experience and you’ll earn clams as the two of you grow together, living life to its lowest. Just thought that might be something you’re probably into…

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