About the Oithlings

Oithlings? What the goose are those? Daddy Hassafrass

Thank you for asking, imaginary voice in my head. The Oithlings are the Mutha Oith Creations street team, promotional squad, and interactive happy-time fun club.

Members earn points (henceforth to be known as “clams”), badges, and accolades which they can collect and boldly display in order to impress other peeps, get discounts on jazz, nab sweet gifts and MOC merchandise, flaunt across the leaderboard, and generally improve the quality of life for all people everywhere for all time.

Yeah, but what does an Oithling actually do?

So many, many awesome things. Some of it’s really simple stuff, like posting on the MOC forum and sharing official posts on Facebook and Twitter and jazz like that. Other stuff’s a bit more involved, such as running MOC games at cons and game stores, posting pictures of your home games, or tattooing our images upon your flesh.

Basically, anything that helps promote Mutha Oith Creations and the jazz we produce is likely to raise your standing among the Oithlings, earning you our personal gratitude and the peoples’ ovation and fame forever (also stuff).

You mentioned something about points and badges and accolades?of the danged small

Yes, I did. The more stuff you do as an Oithling and the better you represent the interests of Mutha Oith Creations, the more clams you’ll earn. Clams earn you all sorts of nifty jazz, like badges that show up on your profile and in the leaderboard, discounts on stuff in the Mutha Oith Marketplace, and free stuff.

You can also earn badges by completing specific tasks. For example, you get the Nice Job! badge just for signing up (if you’ve registered for this site you are already an Oithling). Some badges are super secret. You won’t know how to earn them until they show up in your profile. Others, are listed here.

How, specifically, do I earn clams and how do I use them to nab all that sweet, sweet jazz?

There’s a massively enormous and continuously expanding list of things you can do to earn clams right the goose here! As you earn clams your rank increases and you get to rub your accomplishments right in the faces of those chumps below you on the leaderboard. When you attain certain levels we’ll send you stuff. Actual stuff (also virtual stuff).

What about the rules, man. There are always rules.

Yeah, but they’re pretty common sensual. You can find the official Oithling Guidelinical Lowdowns by clicking this link.

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