The State of the Oith Address

Man, these are busy times in which we live.

So much crazy jazz is happening is hard to keep it all straight. I need more staff…

This post will hopefully bring everyone up to date on the recent goings on with Mutha Oith Creations, Low Life, and various other projects and happenings we have in the oven. My apologies if I leave anything out.

Crying Oith

The Oithlings

Oithlings are AWESOME! I recently had the opportunity to meet the lovely and talented Terra Lynn Arroyo Nystrom in Orlando and we had a great time. She even took my family out to dinner because, as I mentioned a couple sentences ago, Oithlings are awesome. I’m looking forward to hanging with more Oithlings at GenCon next week and at Con on the Cob in October.


Another awesome thing about Oithlings is the M.O.U.E.S (Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorers Societe). Recently some Oithlings took it upon themselves to make a ton of great fan sourced material for Low Life and plop it all on a website for public consumption. How awesome is that?


Special thanks to Zlozz Kerpanski, Phyllin MacKrakin, and all the rest!

Currently the Oithling with the most clams is my man Thom Shartle. He’s well on his way to gawshness!


Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird

Oddmall is going strong! We had over 7000 peeps at the Ohio show last May (and a comparable number at the May-June show in Seattle) and the show on November 1-2 in Akron is shaping up to be even bigger! if you’re unfamiliar with Oddmall, it’s basically what happens when we combine a huge art fair and a really big craft show (focusing on unique and unusual art and crafts) and combine it with a happenin’ comic, geek, and game convention then let everyone in FOR FREE. It’s super fun, really big, and definitely worth checking out.


There’s plenty of vendor space available for the November show, so get thee hence and nab some.

Because Oddmall is free to the public we have to make some clams somehow in order to pay for the venue and the ads and all that jazz. That’s why I am currently imploring (begging?) peeps to get involved in the current KEEP ODDMALL FREE Kickstarter campaign. If you have a moment to check it out I would sincerely appreciate it.



Oithlings: You WILL earn clams by backing the Oddmall kickstarter (at the usual rate).



Con on the Cob

Con on the Cob, the universes’s most off the cob con for fans of all things games and geeky, will be held this year October 16-19 (actually 15-19, since we added a Wednesday night gaming slot) at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Hudson, Ohio. Many Oithlings will be in attendance (including reps from the M.O.U.E.S.). Our guests include Fred Fields, Larry Elmore, Eloy LaSanta, Sandra Garrity, Heather Kreiter, Jolly Blackburn, Ivan Stang and many others.


Registration (for games and con badges) is open now. Get thee hence and sign up!


Other Cons

MOC and Andy will be in the art show at GenCon next week. I’ll also be a special guest at Queen City Conquest in Buffalo September 19-21, which is going to be awesome.

Oh yeah, and come visit me at the Alliance Open House in Fort Wayne September 7-8. Speaking of which, I am looking for someone to help me run the booth and keep me company in Fort Wayne. If you’re interested let me know.


Low Life Redredged

I know this is taking longer than expected. I’ve already gone over the reasons for the delays several times, but I’m back on track and things are progressing quite well. To reward your patience, please accept this small excerpt, in the form of a random adventure generator.

Adventure Generator

I have been working really hard lately on the adventures and final editing for the new Low Life core rulebook. I am really, really happy with the way it’s turning out and I think you’ll be pleased.

We’re also just about ready to contact the authors and artists who are contributing to Low Brow High Adventure, the Low Life short fiction anthology, in order to get final drafts of all that snazz.



Low Life Miniatures

Here are some pictures of the newest Low Life Miniatures sculpts.

miniatures miniatures02 miniatures03 miniatures04 miniatures05


G’Zoink is proceeding on schedule so far. I’ve been playtesting it lately and making some tweaks to the rules. Once the Low Life core book is off to the printers and all the extras for that project are completed I’ll dedicate myself full time to G’Zoink, hopefully having it ready to play at Con on the Cob.



Other Stuff

I’m sure there’s a ton of other MOC stuff I’m forgetting about right now. My brain is fried and I’m mentally exhausted (which is the best time for me to write adventure hooks; off I go).

See you soon,


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