Super Cool Low Life Holiday Image Available on eBay this week!!!!!!!!

Hey, do you like to own stuff that nobody else on the planet owns? Do you have a “Things That Aren’t Yours” collection? If so, you might want to consider nabbing some hand drawn one-of-a-kind original Low Life artwork.

Why not begin your collection (or add to it if you’re already awesome) with this snazzy Santanist horc and his Fungish smelven victim. It’ll slam you right in the holiday spirit!

Santanist and Fungish

It’s listed at (the official online store of Mutha Oith Creations) for a measly $299, but if you act quickly you might be able to nab it from eBay (until November 29) starting at a mere $50!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as we get a bid on eBay it won’t be for sale on Lowtique anymore, so use that knowledge as you will and remember that you can get a further discount by visiting websites like Raise.


We’ll be featuring a new original drawing every week on our eBay auction. Cool, yes no?

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