Umbercuke fleece hat added to Lowtique

As requested by the members of the Mutha Oith Underwhere Exploration Societe, I (Krystal) have created this Umbercuke fleece hat for your noggins!

Incase you haven’t seen their thread in the forums, the M.O.U.E.S. have requested a hat reminiscent of those worn by the Loyal Order of the Waterbuffaloes, and they have chosen the mighty Umbercuke as their mascot.

You can nab one for yourself on the Lowtique site here. If you would like to pick up your hat at Con on the Cob in October, you can use the coupon code COTCPICKUP at checkout, and it will waive the shipping costs. (If your hat will be shipping to you, please allow 2-3 weeks for me to create it, as each one is handsewn.)


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